You’re Loved No Matter What

Posted by Indira Pierrot on February 20, 2018 in Uncategorized

Hey gorgeous,

Just dropping a short line to say that many a woman entrepreneur, hustler, goal getter, and leader is out here killing themselves to reach this perceived plateau in order to finally be worthy enough of love.

Let me tell you something.. the older I’m getting the more I can say with complete confidence..

Love from fans/followers, family, a partner, or even for ourselves is almost always conditional. But love from God never is..

Sometimes it’s time to stop all the striving and doing to receive that truth.

As your business flourishes it is CRITICAL for you to be grounded in it so that when the temptation to remove your earrings and put your hair in a ponytail and go ham on those who presume to think they can disrespect you come forward.. you operate from a position of power.

Some actions in life deliver harsh consequences, but when you really mess up He never stops loving you.

I’ve realized the love I have for my business is unconditional. It is an extension of me. It is my personal ministry. So there is no action or circumstance that will cause me to give up and let it go.. never that sis.

I seriously would be writing to you, jumping on livestreams whether I’m paid to do so or not.

I can’t not..

My love for my business isn’t based on how my audience behaves, performs, buys from me or any other crazy marketing metric and the same is true for God.

No matter what His love is constant.

There are days I mess up completely and there are days I’m close to getting it all right. No matter what though I check in and receive that love so my hope is it overflows into me and spills out onto you.

You are enough.

You can be successful.

Your dreams are not in vain.

You are building a business not an ATM machine so when you are driven to do things that don’t feel aligned in order to make money… STOP!!!

So that’s all I wanted to say.. if you’ve fallen off, or fallen behind.. dust yourself off and keep going! Let’s get to work..

Until next time

P.S. I’m working on something cool to help you build relationships that lead to sales. I am truly tired of the ATM mentality so stay tuned…

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