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Posted by Indira Pierrot on August 11, 2017 in Business

Hey beautiful!

So last week I got on FB live and talked about the “7 Habits of Highly Defective People”. I promised viewers that I would expand on these habits more in a blog post and so here I am!

I’ve actually found there are 10 Habits not just 7 and it really just boils down to people being in one of two camps. There are the whiners who let these habits get in the way of their business/life success and the winners who may have or had these habits but are actively working at eliminating them.

Let’s dive in shall we?

  1. Fear: Being afraid of rejection makes you unable to ask the necessary closing questions in order to get yourself sales and opportunities. The word is “no” is just as big a part of success as yes is, so it’s something that must be overcome. Fear of failure makes you afraid to dream because you’ve been disappointed before. But you must remember if you plant fear in your dealings with growing and taking your business to the next level you will reap fear in your prospective clients.
  2. Lack of belief: If you don’t believe in your opportunity, service, or ability to create results this will also become a stumbling block in getting sales or moving forward in business.
  3. Lack of excitement and vision: As the Bible says without vision the people will perish. This is connected to lack of belief because if you can believe then, you can see things happening before they do. That is what vision is all about, developing faith for a certain outcome before it happens.
  4. Pressure to perform: This happens when you get into a situation where you feel you have to make it work because of life results you’re unhappy with. While this can motivate to some degree, most often pressure paralyzes while accountability mobilizes. Instead of placing all this unnecessary pressure yourself, get real accountability instead.
  5. Negative self talk: Man listen.. those “what if” trains of thinking will sometimes take you out the game before you even start. I saw a spiritual mentor of mine post the other day how crazy it is for some people to think that 2-5 years is a long time in business to get rich, but don’t feel that 40 years at a job is a long time to stay broke.  It is critical as an entrepreneur for you to have ABSOLUTE control over your mind. The average person has heard the word “no” or some type of negative talk a minimum of 26,000 times by the age of 4!!!  Pay attention to what you are listening to and what is coming out of your mouth.
  6. Feelings of unworthiness: If you feel you don’t deserve something then you will either react in gratitude or let unworthiness creep in and fester. Ultimately, the choice is yours but over here we are on team ” thank you”.
  7. Impostor syndrome: This is when you feel bad about getting someone to buy from you, or join you in an opportunity because you are still struggling yourself. Listen, you’re not God and therefore no one is expecting perfection. Your ideal audience or prospective clients are expecting you to be a step or two ahead only. As you grow they will grow with you so give yourself a break hun.. honestly
  8. Lack of skills/direction: Oh Em Gee! This right here is where the rubber meets the road. This is where we see the difference between whiners and winners more than any other area. Winners are about results so they find mentors who have what they want and invest in acquiring the skills needed to get them to the next level.  Whiners do not.. period
  9. Selfish marketing: Talking about or selling what you like is good but what’s even better is talking about and selling what your ideal clients have expressed they need. #justsaying
  10. Begging & convincing: Why Lord? Why in 2017 should anyone have to beg anyone for business? And yet I see this on my social media feeds daily. (insert sigh)  As a woman entrepreneur it is your responsibility to learn how to present with confidence and ask questions to tailor your offers to your audience. Groveling isn’t sexy.. not to mention it doesn’t work.

So like I eluded to in my livestream (which you can watch here if you’re curious) we all have at least 1 of these habits, but if there are more than 3 then you are seriously blocking your progress in business and that’s what we want to fix.

The whiners ( 98% of the people out there) will ignore these things, watch Netflix as usual. They will wish things would be better but actually do nothing about it. They may even trick themselves into believing things will change by buying or listening things to motivate them but still will take no action.

Winners ( 2% of people who are actually serious about success) will do the following;

  1. Pray and work on their mindset
  2. Find people they can learn from & APPLY what they are taught
  3. Go to live events where they can increase skills & knowledge, while building relationships with other people like them.
  4. Audios & Books will be bought and consumed like it’s nobody’s business.
  5. 1:1 coaching will be used to obtain SPECIFIC specialized knowledge in an area that they need help in while they implement what they are taught in group settings/courses.. ( so yes I believe both are necessary which is another pet peeve of mine but I digress.. )

I believe you’re a winner or you wouldn’t have read this far so reply back and let me know which of the 10 habits you are going to work on being free from..

Until next time…


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