When You’re Thirsty…

Posted by Indira Pierrot on March 6, 2018 in Business

Hey beauty!

Have you noticed that water is becoming a popular trend?

I remember the days when there were two kinds.. tap and bottled.

Now there is alkaline, ionized, sparkling, spring, distilled, mineral, etc ..

Soft drinks and juice are trying to keep up with the trend and make themselves more water like. All these “hydrating low calorie drinks”… sheesh!

Now here is something you don’t know about me for the LONGEST time I hated water.  Ewww.. it tastes like nothing. I need some type of flavor. So I kept going with my juices and sodas. Meanwhile they were packing on the calories and in reality making me MORE THIRSTY because they’re not what my body is truly craving.

So I started drinking water daily and my skin is clearer. I’m not thirsty. I actually have to remind myself to keep drinking sometimes. I don’t feel bloated and miserable all the time after a meal. I feel happier because I know I’m doing something that is a better option for myself.

And I’m so ninja with it, I never told myself that I am not drinking juice or soda anymore. I just said I am drinking a certain amount of water daily and by default I don’t have the space to drink the same quantity of things not good for me. (You see what I did there!)

There are so many lessons from this that you can apply to your business. Every day women are complaining about not making enough money in their businesses so they’re drinking all this “biz juice and soda” ( funnels, webinars, ads, huge launches, masterminds) which in and of themselves are fine but they’re not why the business is unable to make a profit.

No matter what you try if you don’t have sales mastery and a product/service people want to pay for .. aka WATER none of the other strategies will be the best option for your business. 

I need you to read that again.. I’ll wait..

When you’re thirsty you are not attracting the right people or situations. Just like when I allowed myself to approach dehydration for my refusal to drink water because “I don’t like it.” When you try these things without “water” all they do is make you more thirsty..

Ma’am! (insert side eye)

I wrote all of this to say. There’s so much thirst on these internet streets. Let it not be you sis k?

Before you go out into the deep with all these things PLEASE make sure you’re confident in what you’re bringing to marketplace so that you are able to speak about and sell it with ease. Be convinced it’s something your audience wants and THEN we can do #allthethings.

In other words water first and juice/soda second. Got it? Good!

Until next time..

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