What’s a good ladyboss like?

Posted by Indira Pierrot on March 22, 2018 in Uncategorized

Hey gorgeous!

I love watching women entrepreneurs kill it in business. As we know even though its 2018 the odds are stacked against them and yet they rise up and make things happen anyway! Yasss queens!

I’ve been blessed to have relationships with some truly PHENOMENAL women entrepreneurs like Courtney Sanders, Bushra Azhar, & Susan Hyatt, Dr.Tracy Timberlake, L’erin Alta and many more.

Even though these ladies have different backgrounds, experiences and ethnicities there are a few things that they share in common. So let me share with you what I think are the characteristics of good lady bosses ..

1. They truly care about the results their clients get. Results over money for the good lady boss. This is personal for them. Yes they are in business to make money but what’s more important is the results you get from working with them. They care about all who choose to invest with them.

2. They have a mission. Whether it’s feminism, stopping poverty in Pakistan, getting healed on a spiritual and physical level, having a seat at the table where economic decisions are made in this country due to owning a successful business, becoming a philantropist like Oprah. The good lady boss has a mission and it’s a thread that is weaved into the fabric of everything she does.  So what’s your mission? If you don’t have one I suggest you get on it!

3. They listen to feedback and are coachable. Whether they have coaches themselves or not they are coachable. Meaning they look at data, and consult with whatever higher power they believe in and change what is going on in their businesses accordingly. Sometimes things don’t work as out as planned but instead of complaining they just change direction of whatever is not working. PERIOD.

4. Mindset work and moving their bodies is non negotiable. You can’t serve from an empty cup. The good lady boss recognizes for the mission to be carried out she must be around as long as possible so she takes care of her mind and body.

5. They are transparent. There is no logo as a profile pic mkay? No ma’am..
No matter their situations we know about what is going on with them. Because again we are in a RELATIONSHIP with them. Some women I speak to, want to hide behind a computer and not discuss anything at all about themselves. You are building a business boo and so it’s not ok to expect people to shell out their hard earned money yet they know nothing about your personal life. There I said it.. whoever don’t like it oh well.

So this new season of spring has just started, as we continue to roll up our sleeves and makes plans for empire building, please let’s not forget that these things do matter greatly in how you are received as an entrepreneur and ultimately your revenue as one.

Tell me which of these 5 things are YOU implementing from this day forward? 

Until next time..

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