Transparency Gets You More Sales

Posted by Indira Pierrot on May 22, 2017 in Business

Hey gorgeous!

There are far too many women out there who either downplay their success or don’t go after what they want due to fear. In the meantime your audience or potential audience misses out on these stories and feel like success in their case may be unattainable.

Share your success. Believe me it’s not bragging if done for the purpose of inspiring others. If the intent is to make others feel inferior, well then you probably need a reality check..but this isn’t the time for that.

Share your failures that you’ve overcome. This is equally important. It teaches your audience that she isn’t perfect but she keeps going & if she can so I!

You can’t have loyalty to anything you don’t feel a connection to. This is how you build connection by being REAL. Even though you may not hear it from your family & friends or your audience, they want you to do well.

Most importantly, people feel that if you can accomplish something for yourself then you can help them accomplish the same for themselves too. They want to trust that you know what you’re doing & that can’t happen unless you pull back the curtains of your life and share.

You never want to get so out of touch with who you’re called to serve that they can’t relate to you. Because once that happens they will go elsewhere to have their needs met.

I recently accepted a position as an enrollment coordinator/assistant coach for one of the top women’s empowerment companies for millennial African American women. God created the opportunity of course. But faith without works is dead right?

So I would’ve never gotten the position if I stayed silent about the things I’ve been successful at or who I’m called to help & serve. As a result of being transparent & sharing, I was seen by the CEO of this company & given an opportunity that has increased my income substantially!

I see so many women using fake names on social media & then selling products/services the minute you accept a friend request. If I can’t trust you to be authentic with what you are called how can I trust you with my money?

One of the reasons video/livestreaming is one of the most lucrative ways to make sales nowadays is because you can’t do them well without being vulnerable & authentic. That can’t be a coincidence…

So now it’s your turn. I challenge you this week to share either a win or a failure you’ve overcome with your audience and what lessons you learned as a result.

Until next time..

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