There’s no such thing as a perfect decision.

Posted by Indira Pierrot on February 25, 2018 in Business, Uncategorized

Hey lovely,

Many times when I’m on a sales or coaching call if  I sense reluctance about making a decision, there is always some form of fear involved.

Every major milestone in life, if we reflect on it we can admit that we had to pony up & overcome one of the following fears:

-Fear of the unknown

-Fear of failure

-Fear of getting hurt

-Fear of what others will think

-Fear of rejection

-Fear of judgement/criticism

-Fear of missing out on something better

But what really ALL boils down to is this: fear of making the wrong decision.

I experience these fears daily. Nobody is exempt from them. Success however, requires you to experience fear and take action anyway. 

Not choosing and remaining paralyzed is in itself a choice.

“Analysis paralysis” wil have you going back & forth procrastinating because the lie it wants to keep you trapped in is that in order for you to have #allthethings you must make perfect decisions.

There is no such thing as a perfect decision.

There is no such thing as  a perfect person.

Perfection is a distraction from your purpose.

Are there good & bad choices? Sure!

But the paralyzing decisions usually are between good vs. better.

Should I allow this person’s criticism and judgment enter my spirit? Are they right?

Should I work on my business on a Friday night when I’m not “inspired” or conserve my energy for tommorow?

Should I turn in my 30 day notice now to spur me into more action NOW or once I’ve achieved a certain milestone I’m working hard for?

This is just a sample of what some of mine have been..

So what I’ve learned is as long as your decisions aim to please God & show love to yourself and others.. they can’t be wrong.

There’s no perfect job.

There’s no perfect school.

There’s no perfect spouse.

There’s no perfect business model.

There’s no perfect church.

There’s no perfect way to raise kids.

There is only what is in flow and aligned for YOU. There is no perfect decision.

Your success therefore is not solely dependent on your ability to choose well (lighten up on yourself sis) but more importantly on your ability to learn and adjust once a decision is made. 

Until next time..

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