The P Word That Gets A Bad Rap But Shouldn’t

Posted by Indira Pierrot on March 15, 2017 in Uncategorized

Hey beautiful!

We attract what we are ready for.

We get what we expect.


Our words truly DO have the power of life & death so with that being said, may I ask you what EXACTLY are you focused on?

Because if it’s worry or your fears then Houston we have a big problem…

Prosperity gets a bad rap at times but it really shouldn’t. It’s defined as “success,profitability, affluence, wealth, opulence, luxury, security & well being.” If you ask me if I believe in the “prosperity gospel” then yes I do if we are using the literal definition.

Who would be opposed to success & well being?

Repeat after me: I desire prosperity not struggle. I am a prosperous entrepreneur!

Nature doesn’t struggle so why the heck should we?

Faith & fear can’t coexist. One is ALWAYS the driving force behind your thoughts & therefore your actions.


Make a decision that you deserve success & go after it!

If you’re speaking a bunch of negativity but then expecting to have a successful sales outcomes. I’m here to tell you it’s not happening..

Complaining on repeat & focusing on your fears puts you in a position of lack not prosperity.

It’s time to change the conversation…and you can do that by

1. Get into a daily gratitude practice. Whether you write it, say it or think it isn’t important. Spend a few minutes each day in gratitude for what you do have so you can be blessed with more.

2. Do something daily that makes you feel happy 😊. Nobody wants to do business with or spend time around someone who does nothing but complain. Complaints arise from unhappiness so if that’s you then doing a minimum of one thing daily that lifts your spirits needs to become non negotiable. Read, go for a walk, pray, take a bubble bath, light some candles. It doesn’t need to take a long time just a few minutes will do wonders.

3. Acknowledge your wins no matter how big or small. One of my first coaches inspired me to get in the habit of buying myself fresh flowers. So now I have #freshflowerfriday where I get myself a bouquet of flowers 💐, some champagne or wine 🍷 and I celebrate whatever wins I’ve had for the week.

You can’t just sit around & expect clients to fall out of the sky just because you want them. You have to take action as well. (Faith without works is dead needs to stop being a cute saying and an actual belief.)

However not all client attraction & sales actions are marketing related. Just like you wouldn’t go to a fitness conference eating Big Macs everyday and not exercising, there are lifestyle behaviors that must align with your marketing & sales efforts in order for them to yield results..

Until next time…

Stay blessed, bold, & beautiful!


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