The MIA That Achieves Not Leaves…

Posted by Indira Pierrot on June 4, 2018 in Uncategorized

Hey Lovely!

We all know the term “MIA”  to mean “Missing in Action” or even Miami .. I just left there a few weeks back sorry I was having a flashback 🙂

Today I want to give a new definition for it…

MIA for us from now on stands for “Massive Imperfect Action”. Without it, it’s just not possible to make lasting progress. You don’t need a new logo, website, or any other excuses, and reasons why not.

Massive imperfect action requires a few simple things for solid execution –

1) Focus

2) A Plan

If you’re ready to take massive action in your business, get these 2 things solid first.

To do this, you want to first take a look at what your goal is – what is it you want to accomplish. Then, you want to lay out what your plan will look like.

What steps need to be included in your MIA campaign?

Everyone is different but whatever those goals are that you set back in December that are collecting dust.. start there.

Finally, you need to block out times in your calendar that you will be focused and committed to taking massive action.

Your focus will naturally evolve when you have set goals you are taking action towards. Not the other way around.

Build as you go.

Get feedback and course correct.

I found myself regretting my fly by the seat of my pants style for the longest time. Not knowing that is EXACTLY the trait that makes me unstoppable in my business.

The beginning of something is almost always uncomfortable and imperfect. The sooner you get started the better.

When I was a little girl, someone pushed me into a pool and I didn’t know how to swim.

After the discomfort of drowning, I stopped struggling in the water and let it raise me back to the top. And after that little by little I taught myself how to swim.

To this day I am back floating in deep water, and can swim with no fear (unless it’s ocean water I need to be delivered from seaweed touching me still lol).

That push into the pool created massive imperfect action for me but it also gave me a skill. Suppose I never fell in? I probably would’ve tried to get an instructor, and float devices etc.. taking months to learn probably as well.

Now I am not suggesting you put yourself in danger but being an entrepreneur does mean being a risk taker.  Perhaps stop trying to research every dang thing and get to it already!

In my business I  recently got “pushed into the pool”by an announcement that had the potential to reduce half my income but after I stopped struggling with it, worrying over it, and trying to figure it out. I had to literally REPENT because when I calculated what would be needed to come out of it .. it was about 5 sales.

You want to talk about feeling like the hot mess express? Here I am posting about my life as a believer and I can’t trust God for 5 sales? Me? A sales expert? Sigh..

I got busy with a plan to get them and focused on executing it one way or another.

So this is what I mean friend. Stop being missing in action and take massive imperfect action instead.

Until next time…

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