The Gift of Grace is… AMAZING

Posted by Indira Pierrot on April 4, 2018 in Uncategorized

Hey lovely!

I hope you had a great Resurrection Sunday (if you celebrate it). I most certainly did!

This Lent I went thru some things it was a bit of a spiritual “shake up” if you will. I spent the holiday with my boyfriend, parents, and my brother & sis in law. My parents are devout Catholics so it’s a big deal for them for us to all be together.

I sat in service remembering a Thanksgiving where we had just gotten off the table and my mother passed out and stopped breathing. In full nurse mode I called 911 and gave CPR until the ambulance arrived. When we reached the ER my mother coded and they promptly booted us out the room and wheeled the code cart in.. It was in short a HOT MESS!

God saw fit to let her survive that experience and for that I am so grateful. But it got me to thinking..

I’ve been beating myself up recently about my perceived lack of progress. It’s like I want to be at a certain place in life and business already and felt it was taking too long.

There is something to be said about divine timing. 

The grace of God met the thief on the cross on Good Friday. It met my mom on the stretcher. It has met me several times on my entrepreneurial journey.. If anything is rushed the results are just not the same.

So if you’re beating yourself up over your perceived lack of progress then give yourself some forgiveness sis. Remember the grace of God is nothing short of AMAZING and His divine timing means what is for you is for you.  Slow down and enjoy the journey ma!

Make sure you’re taking action daily towards your dream life and business and after that ride out on grace hun. You will be better off.

Grace is defined as “the manifestation of  free and unmerited favor” so that means no matter how slow or fast you’re going some things can’t be done by you alone.

The increase in revenue, the next steps, confidence etc all come by your actions and faith but let’s not forget grace.

So if you’ve been feeling down or racing against an invisible clock I encourage you to think of progress that you have made and to be grateful for it . Whatever you appreciate and have gratitude for increases. 

Get back out there and keep going!

Until next time..

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