The Case For Consistency

Posted by Indira Pierrot on May 14, 2018 in Uncategorized

Hey Gorgeous!

I was sitting here really thinking about what do I want to share with you today? I got myself all worked up because I was drawing a blank. I have given myself a schedule of days to send emails out and  have been killing it and then this writer’s block hit. Le sigh…

After really stepping away and doing something else ( ok fine watching Netflix) the idea of what to write came to me.

I’ve heard people use in sales copy, on webinars and videos there this talk about the market being saturated. There is all this paranoia about GPDR  and Facebook advertising not being as effective.

Saturation talk is absolutely true. People are becoming business owners at an ever increasing rate BUT my dear one the amount of entrepreneurs who are consistent is practically able to be counted with your hands still.

One of the things I believe in and tell my clients is to operate at the level that you wish to be at NOW. So that means since I desire to have a 7 figure business, I observe what 7 figure business owners do.

They are consistent, friend.

Marie Forleo is sending me an email every Tuesday.

Susan Hyatt is sending me a podcast every Monday.

Bushra Azhar is living by her “launch fast, launch ugly” mantra and doing so almost monthly.

Now are there entrepreneurs out there who aren’t consistent and making money? You bet.

But whatever they’re making would be tripled probably if they were consistent. And I guarantee they’re riding out on the results of past consistency in order to take the liberty to be absent now. Bet that.

80% of people who start a business will quit so stop worrying about Facebook algorithm and open rates. No hun what I need you to do is  focus on being consistent.

Sales is SO MUCH easier when you are.

Let’s stop starting over and disappearing mmkay?

Until next time…



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