There was an affair and I have pictures..

Posted by Indira Pierrot on January 25, 2018 in Business

Hey beauty!

I had an experience with a male this past week that quite literally changed my life…and he wasn’t human.

But before I get into that juicy bit of gossip, let me say this if you’re not upping your game in 2018, you might wanna unsubscribe from my list.. just saying.

I don’t want to be out here pushing & prodding you to go for more, if that is not what YOU want so there’s that…

This past week & even before that, I made the decision to operate from a place of faith.

What would 7 figure Indie be working on?

Who would she be working with?

What would she be a part of?

That train of thinking lead me to join a high end mastermind. Besides college it is the biggest investment in myself I’ve ever made. I operate from integrity & flow so I knew it had to be done.

Because as much high end as I sell, I couldn’t ask women to do something I’m not willing to do for myself.

I joined the mastermind and this past weekend we had an AMAZING retreat in Savannah. It was life changing but the best part of the trip was we went to a farm and had equus coaching.

Your girl had her cute boots on & thought it would be horseback riding and boy was I wrong!

So for the sake of brevity, equus coaching is a form of personal development where you communicate with a trained coach and a horse about whatever is going on with you.

Horses are extremely intuitive and mirror back to you whatever you are communicating to them. I had no idea!

I wish I could tell you that badass Indie went in there & laid down the law with that 1000+ lb of animal but actually I was terrified.

There  is no leash, no mouthpiece , no saddle , just you in a pen face to face with the horse… sheesh! And if the horse is supposed to mirror back my emotions and I’m low key angry, stressed , fearful.. well you see the problem and I would like to keep all my bones intact. Thank you very much!

I was so afraid in fact, I refused to go in alone. I had to have the trainer go in with me. I was so afraid of what was going to be mirrored back to me.

So we go in and I am bawling my eyes out and so scared.

Legit 1 session of equus coaching is the equivalent of  one year of intensive therapy. All this underlying garbage came up & I just couldn’t stop crying.

Finally the trainer left me in the pen with the horse “Crafty” and here is what was mirrored back to me:

1 Support: As I was crying the horse took a stance of slowly trying to protect me.  This will be a BIG year for me. I’m not superwoman and I need reliable help. I hired a new assistant. I joined a mastermind I’m vocal about the fact that this year I need help from my partner and family to do all what needs to be done.

What can you do to make sure you are supported gorgeous?

2 Love: Crafty literally let me hug him and he responded back with his version of a kiss on the cheek and it was so cute.  Whenever we operate out of obligation not love it feels icky.

Can you honestly say you love your offerings and services? If not of course you will struggle to get them sold!

How can you show more love to yourself and your audience?  Figure it out and go do that!

3 Fear: It is always present and uncomfortable. But if you allow it to, it will rob you of transformation and blessings. Crafty & I couldn’t have been boo’ed up if I had let the fear win. So if you’re scared share it. I didn’t pretend. I told the trainer (Sheppard) that I needed her to be there with me.

It’s time to get real in business & life beautiful.

The coach for you will be able to handle your “mess” with no judgement and full of grace but you have to speak up and say what you need!

Crafty & I bonded…

I overcame fear and felt supported as well as loved. It’s go time! Will you join me?

Will this be the year we let go of the things we fearfully hold on to and speak up to get what we need?

Exactly what I thought you’d say… so we might as well bust out the champagne early!

Until next time..

P.S. I created a FB group called Elegant Entrepreneurs for my fellow women entrepreneurs to be able to get support and strategy as well. Join me over there at

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