Thank Him For Tests..

Posted by Indira Pierrot on May 7, 2018 in Business

Hey Gorgeous!

I’ve always been an exceptional student. To this day I geek out whenever I buy a course. I love to learn! But I wasn’t always so excited about learning..

My mother had a policy that C grades were unacceptable and punishable. That saying C’s get degrees was a no in my household.  I used to be TIGHT with Jeanine for real. I felt it was unnecessary. But hey she was the boss and so I always made sure to never get a C as a final grade for anything.  After all I’m too cute for manual labor, beat downs or grounding so..

In addition to my mom’s policy, there were the teachers who insisted on giving pop quizzes. OMG!!!

Annoyance level 100 for them.  That means I actually had to read and study even if there was no exam because I couldn’t bring home C’s. Jesus be a fence!

But guess what happened?

Once I decided to go to nursing school, I was straight! I attended a nursing program that only had 3 grades A,B,F. In their opinion a C or D student could make a medication error and since those could be fatal, they weren’t allowed. Guess who was completely unbothered about this?

While others were failing left and right with 76% and 79%, cramming over the holidays etc,  Indira Michelle was getting her pedicure and traveling.

Consider the ” annoyances” in your business as your tests. Thank God for them!

Because when the time comes you will use those experiences to float past others like I did in nursing school.

That difficult client could be testing if necessary boundaries are in place.

That offer that didn’t sell could be the chance to learn your ideal client like your life depends on it.

That livestream you’re nervous about doing could be preparing you to speak on stage.

God’s testing can be to prepare us for something more important, and often more difficult. He wants to see if we can sustain the pressure in preparation for something big. So, the next time your Heavenly Father calls you up for a pop-quiz, consider His desire to see you succeed. If a weakness is revealed, thank Him for helping you move to the next level by strengthening you.

You got this!

Until next time..


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