Summer is for Strategy

Posted by Indira Pierrot on July 27, 2017 in Business


Hey gorgeous!

I have been blessed with the opportunity to have done coaching sessions with over 70 women entrepreneurs in the last 2 months. It has truly been an AMAZING experience!

Sometimes I’m needed to bust through excuses, and remind them of their power. Other times I hold space and allow them to share what they most  need help with..

I recognize however for every one woman who gets real and transparent, there are maybe 10 women doing the opposite that I haven’t spoken to..

Here’s the deal..

If you are one of the silent strugglers out there let me ask you, are you as passionate about your success & committed to your future as the people you’ve chosen to align yourself with as mentors and coaches?

True leaders are excited & literally live for your personal growth, so when it’s not a priority for you, those of us in this thing for transformation are frustrated with the lack of faith & scarcity mindsets running rampant out there.

We are passionate about helping you to break free from the things that are hindering your success. 

We are 100% committed to coaching you out of whatever is blocking you & coaching you into a life without limits.

So get excited hun! This is your reminder..

You can do…

You can be…

You can have…

No more thinking that the life you want is possible for others but not you…




That’s the cocktail of determination & the successful entrepreneur guarantee. When you operate with those nothing is impossible!

Invest in your skill,
The only way to improve your skills in something is to invest in learning it and to practice/apply what you’ve been taught.

So how do you know what your skill level as an entrepreneur is?

Look at your balance..

Now before you get all in your feelings, I’m not suggesting your value as a person is tied to money at all whatsoever. But your skill level is…

Successful people are ALWAYS investing in growing their skill,,no matter what level of success they’ve already achieved.

Remember if you aim at nothingyou will surely hit it…

Everyone else is slacking for the summer and letting themselves fall into entrepreneurial groundhog day.

This is the BEST time for you to put your head down & FOCUS on building your audience, so that in the fall while everyone else is starting over x 100th time, YOU will be cruising and reaping the benefits over what you sowed into your business right now,

Repeat after me…


So let’s get to work shall we?

Until next time,

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