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Posted by Indira Pierrot on June 25, 2018 in Business

Hey Gorgeous!

A big part of success in business is staying motivated. And, that motivation comes from within you.

It is no one else’s responsibility to make sure you remain motivated. Not your coach, the people you follow online, your friends, or family..

Start to motivate yourself  by finding your why; your inner passion; desire and drive. Get those goals down in writing.

Write out a simple daily action plan that you can and will commit to.

Arm yourself with positive reinforcements and a plan to know what you will do on those days you feel like quitting. Maybe that looks like taking a break, or praying, reading, journaling, talking to people who have the results you want. It’s totally up to you. There is no right or wrong way.

But each day, wipe the slate clean; revisit your why and take action on your written plan. PERIOD.

Before long, you’ll find yourself motivated and creating strong habits for success.

I am learning that my goals were not always aligned with what I said I want. So now every day I list 3-5 things that I will do that help me to get towards the goals I have set. The transformation has been extraordinary and I can’t wait to see what this consistently will produce from this point forward. Join me!

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