Start Your Rebellion

Posted by Indira Pierrot on June 28, 2018 in Uncategorized

Hey Lovely,

Rebellion is defined as “an act of open resistance to established authority.”

You know you were born for something more than the status quo.

You’re here to make waves.

You’re here to make a difference.

Based on the definition, dare I say it?

You’re a rebel.

And you know what else you are?


Own it boo!

Are you going to settle for throwing up a website, making a few bucks & zero impact?

Is that the life you dream of?

For me that’s gonna be a H to the N. (hell to the no) and I’m pretty sure it’s the same for you too.

You have an AMAZING message inside you that is begging to be unleashed.

Are you going to let uncertainty, fear, or a lack of results thus far cause you to give up?

There is always a break down before the breakthrough hun. 

Now I know you may be asking “But Indie, what about needing a system, a strategy, leads, etc”

I’m here to tell you that you have to look BEYOND strategy.

Otherwise you will just hop from thing to thing (*clears throat * or coach to coach) without any true progress.

This comes down to focus.

Focus on who you need to be..

The rebel

The leader

The game changer

The woman you need to be-not what you need to know. Start there first!

Building a business is not the only thing you’re here for. You’re here to change things in a big way and that means starting your own rebellion.

I for one, am tired of Christian women being the brokest yet most judgmental entrepreneurs out there. Nobody is leading anyone to victory that way. I’m sorry to say.. so that is my personal mantle because it must stop!

My trojan horse is that you will learn business and sales strategy from me but trust and believe that is what I am here to take down.

I don’t know what yours is but I know I’m here for it! Let’s get to work…

Until next time.

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