Numbers Aren’t A Game…

Posted by Indira Pierrot on February 22, 2017 in Uncategorized

Hey gorgeous!

This is something that has really helped me #getmylife in regards to my business. Numbers matter.. You can do all the woo woo intuition based strategies you want but ignoring statistics all the time will sometimes be a force against you.  I talk to women who sometimes go out there with the best intentions and yet don’t get the results they wanted.

Instead of allowing this to decrease your faith that is a perfect time to look at the existing statistics towards what you’re trying to do. For example it is a well known fact that 1 out of 10 people you talk to about a direct sales/mlm opportunity will show interest.  Or that 2% of your total email subscribers will buy from you.

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So yes journal, visualize, do #allthethings mindset wise, but if you’ve only talked to 3 people about your opportunity or you have less than 100 people on your list, can you really get discouraged?

No you can’t because you will KNOW that you haven’t been exposed to enough people yet. Or if you’ve had positive results with those numbers you can show gratitude for the fact that you are beating the current statistics.. see how that works?

Whatever you focus on grows. So even as a spiritual entrepreneur it is important to demonstrate faith in God but you can still “show yourself approved” by knowing what your numbers are as far as your conversions in sales& list growth. God can be your CEO (He is mine) but you wouldn’t go into a earthly board meeting and tell the the chairpersons “I don’t know what our numbers are. I’m going with faith.” 

Umm how bout no.. So go into your prayer closet too armed with knowledge of what your numbers are as well.

Many of us made goals last month for 2017 but did we look at the viability of those goals with numbers or nah? Then if the goals aren’t met we get in our feelings and get discouraged. 

Your beliefs do affect your outcomes but knowledge of where you stand numbers wise further cements your beliefs. When you perform better than average you will get into an even higher level of confidence, excitement, & belief about what is possible with faith. When you perform less than the average you will know that this may be the time to exercise patience and keep going forward with a positive attitude instead of the spirit of discouragement.

I personally can’t stand the expression a lot of sales people use when they say “It’s just a numbers game.” Last I checked my livelihood, hopes, and dreams aren’t games to me…

So your mission if you choose to accept it this week is to

  1. Find out what the statistics are for whatever your primary goals are.
  2. Compare them to your current results and make whatever adjustments are necessary. 

Whether it’s to take a praise break and tell God thank You for beating the odds or if it’s a wake up call to adjust your strategies because you haven’t done enough to get the results you wanted. You won’t know which until you learn the statistics behind what you wanted and assessing where you currently are… So get to work!

Until next time..

Stay blessed, bold, &  beautiful!


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