Looking For The Good When The Clients Aren’t There Yet…

Posted by Indira Pierrot on April 24, 2018 in Business

Hey Gorgeous!

Today I want to talk about a phase that ALL women entrepreneurs go through and that is the time when you are waiting on your first/next clients to appear.

The temptation to compare yourself to others is strong and if you’re not careful, you will spend more time in this phase then necessary. So my intent is to make this as quick and painless as possible for you.

Attracting clients is very much like attracting a mate.. now before you get all upset let me explain. When you’re waiting on your future love you will start noticing all these couples and how in love they are and where is yours?

The women in these relationships will tell you how it was so “unexpected” meanwhile you’re one step away from using binoculars at the window waiting for your turn LOL!

Now to my pious and chaste Christian friends let me say that what I’m about to say next is a bit controversial but true..

Attraction is a skill just like anything else. Those who are good at sales and business are usually good at attracting partners too. Whether the relationships last is another story but the attraction part is usually not the problem.

So while you’re waiting for your first/next clients to arrive you want to do the following:

  1. Receive and give well: Compliments, time, energy, and money are things you need to be comfortable with both giving and receiving. Otherwise your relationship with your clients will be unbalanced. They need to be able to pay you without you going off the deep end and discounting yourself. You need to be able to give to yourself and your loved ones, as well as to causes/issues that light you up.  Struggling women entrepreneurs are almost always cheap with themselves and put everything else ahead of their desires. Call me crazy but that can’t be a coincidence.
  2. Look for the good: No matter if 3 people show up or 300 for your presentations keep getting out there!
    A coach I made a 5 figure investment with a mentor I stalked online for ONE YEAR before even joining her email list. Go back and read that again… I’ll wait. What if she had given up because she wasn’t seeing the results she wanted? I would’ve moved on to the next person whose messaging I found attractive. Stop focusing on the perceived lack and instead look for the good. One way to do this is to reward yourself for taking the actions needed to move forward not the results.  The results then have no choice but to eventually catch up! 
  3. Create a client attractive environment: Potential clients who know nothing about you will remain exactly that.. potential. I’m not saying you have to share all your business but you can’t be hiding behind motivational quotes and a logo all the time sis. It will just slow the process down. My biz bestie Tracy will say that she doesn’t like sales but guess what? She doesn’t have a sales team and has a multi 6 figure business (rapidly approaching 7 figures). How is that possible? It’s because she is an expert at taking people behind the scenes. Not to mention video of all kinds is her absolute favorite platform. Her IG stories are always showing us what she is doing and who she is with.  Her lifestyle is client attractive and therefore they come in droves.  

So while you’re “in the meantime in between time” start getting excited and taking these small actions and before you know it the wait time will turn to the waitlisted time.

Until next time…


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