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Posted by Indira Pierrot on April 26, 2018 in Uncategorized

Hey lovely,

On 4/13/18 tragedy struck my family and my beloved cousin Patrick died. Now before I go into his story there is some back story that I must share… My maternal grandparents both died when my mom was 5 yrs old and her oldest sister who was 13 yrs old at the time stepped in and took the role of mom for her siblings.

The four of them lived in a convent until they came of age and one by one migrated to the USA from Haiti. Now with that being said each one filed for the next one’s entry once they got here. So my mom’s oldest sister truly is her mother.

This oldest aunt of mine had only ONE son and he was 15-20 yrs older than my brothers and I. My mom therefore felt as if he was her first son. So that’s the back story..

Fast forward to 4/13/18 Patrick who was a professional cyclist in my eyes,( You ride from NYC to Boston on a bike? Yeah I’m respecting the hustle for real.) had a sudden heart attack on his bike and died. Probably the fittest male in my family left us.. Say what now?

And guess what?

No one is concerned with his clothes, or his trinkets. No one is discussing his salary or ambitions.

Nope.. those things we as entrepreneurs seem to build our worth and daily moods on?.. yeah.. NONE OF THAT!

What we are discussing is the impact his character had on our lives…

My brother said, “He made me know it was cool to have a nerdy side and to always be prepared for intellectual conversations”.

As for your girl, he took me on my first trip to Six Flags as a kid.. I also remember that his wife was beautiful and a chemist who wore glasses. To a little 6 yr old dark skinned girl with coke bottle glasses this was EPIC. This meant there was hope for me! So many memories and life lessons but I have to stop or I will leave this post sobbing for real. ( whew.. takes deep breath)

So often we are measured by things that have little eternal value, like how in shape (or out-of-shape) we are, the size of our home, the prestige of our job/business, our cute shoes or wardrobe, our latest launch results.

Can I be honest?

Sometimes I measure myself by those same standards, forgetting there’s much more to life than that. But rest assured Patrick got me back focused on what truly matters.. IMPACT.

This means even though my mission is to help women entrepreneurs sell more, slay more, and sleaze less as I say on repeat.. If what you’re bringing to the marketplace is not going to make an impact in someone else’s life besides yours, I am not the coach for you.

If you’re only going to open emails, read posts, or watch videos that talk about nothing but business results and sales tactics oh goodbye!

Can we get motivated by something else please?

I refuse to let that be my only conversation in the marketplace.

For those of you who remain, I thank you for rocking with me! Let’s go make an impact out there..

Until next time…


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