It’s Time To Ace The Test

Posted by Indira Pierrot on October 16, 2017 in Business, Uncategorized

Hey gorgeous!

Brace yourself for today’s topic but it needs to be discussed…

The Bible says that the testing of your faith develops perseverance.

Perseverance is defined as “steadfastness in doing something DESPITE (emphasis mine) difficulty or delay in achieving success.”

Now I am going to patiently wait on you to tell me which entrepreneur you know that is successful who does not display perseverance…

Still waiting..

Ok then.. so now that we agree there isn’t any, can you tell me why you’re in your feelings about your business progress or lack thereof on a regular?

Alrighty then…

Back in my stockbroker days I got hired by this top brokerage firm due to my stellar sales results as a temp in customer service. So they hired me but now it was still up to me to pass the licensure exam to be a broker.

I had absolutely no finance experience. I didn’t know anything except stockbrokers make bread.. sign me up lol!

But how about they also teach on investing & financial principles as well, because you have to actually know about what your selling.. (missed that minor detail I did)

So now I had to actually teach myself with zero finance experience or knowledge how to become a stockbroker. There was no class because I was supposed to already have had this knowledge so they politely gave me two big binders of test prep material, a 90 day window to schedule the exam, and told me to have at it..

Did I mention if I failed the test once I would have to pay an obscene amount of money to retake it. and if I failed twice I would be fired?

Your girl is now under pressure. I decided to read and learn all about financial markets, products, and services for hours for like 2.5 months and then the last 2 weeks before the exam I started doing practice exams..

The day comes, I take the exam..

I fail it.. And I fail by ONE QUESTION

Now it’s one thing to fail something but to fail by only one question. Jesus be a fence!

Next I manage to come up with the obscene amount of money it cost to retake while still managing to keep my organs.. (That is an accomplishment in and of itself lol)

I pay to take exam and this time I pass with a 98%. I went from failing by one question to only getting one question wrong.

So what changed?

I did..

I stopped researching and “trying to learn all about” finance. I figured once I passed the exam, my company would pay to have me trained.

I don’t need to be the expert to pass the exam just a coachable student.

I took a mock exam every single day for the next 90 days. I only reviewed what I got wrong and kept it moving..

Beautiful, there are many women entrepreneurs out there making the same mistake.

Killing themselves developing courses and books with no audience. Doing target market research and brand design for MONTHS.. omg!! Why Lord?

It’s time to ace the test boo.. That strategy is the “fail by one question method” because it brings in no revenue to your business.

You won’t need to research your target market to death if they are actually your clients.. I’m saying. Woosa..

Mock exams were a success in my case because it simulated as close as possible the real experience I needed to excel in.

You need to get out of research and creation mode and get into visibility and authentic selling.

I persevered and so will you by getting someone in your corner to help cut the delay time. Let’s get to work!

Until next time..


P.S. Make sure your check your inbox over the next few days because I’m working on something really cool that will help you ace the test!


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