It’s Time To Get Out Of Your Rut!

Posted by Indira Pierrot on July 11, 2017 in Business



Hey beautiful!

It’s time to draw a line in the sand and decide is this going to be a voluntary business ( aka unpaid hobby) or a successful one?

I just want to reach out to you today and encourage you to do whatever it takes instead of believing your excuses. They are nothing more than “polite lies” but lies they are nonetheless.

I just recently listened to an old book called Wake Up & Live and the author shares how it takes just as much energy to fail (if not more so) as to succeed. If that’s true ( and my life experience has made me a believer that it is) then why not go for success, instead of nursing and rehearsing excuses?

Look at who you’re surrounding yourself with and if you aren’t destined for mediocrity then the people around you shouldn’t be. #justsaying

We are blessed to live in a time that you can literally start off with nothing and realistically still make it as an entrepreneur. (Provided you are willing to implement not just absorb information)

So this begs the question..

Are you willing to step it up? 

You didn’t start this business to become a ‘hobbypreneur”.

98% of aspiring entrepreneurs don’t make it because they treat their business as a hobby or volunteer work. They let their business drift into oblivion during the summer while taking selfies as a profession instead.

Well the summer is actually the BEST time to refocus! While everybody is on vacation and giving up YOU can get yourself back on track…


Remember your clients will duplicate what you do and if that’s been a whole lot of nothing.. well..

Change your focus and you will change your results. 

Whatever you focus on is what grows so why not focus on increasing your skills?

For some reason many believe entrepreneurship (though a degree is not required) is like something you can do without learning. Nothing could be further from the truth…

Have you made the decision that this business is a profession/calling for you or nah? 

If so then get yourself an education in your chosen field. By choosing to stay current first of all and then by learning in the style that suits you best from those who have the results you wish to gain. Don’t skimp on this because it’s business…

And lastly if you’re not having fun and growing as a person, or if you’re feeling burdened then something is off track and some adjustments need to be made so that you can get back the passion you once had for your business dream.

So reply back to me with your commitment to make your business a profession not just a pipe dream..

Until next time..

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