It’s a choice…

Posted by Indira Pierrot on February 20, 2018 in Uncategorized

Hey beautiful!

It’s a moment I have prayed for & yet honestly it’s a moment I dread too…

I’ve been a nurse for the last 11 years and very soon it will finally be time to let go…

I’ve built my own business as well as coach for other businesses. These things have completely replaced my nursing salary…This makes my heart rest easier on the upcoming D day… a little!

I’ve been preparing for this all 2017.

Investments in myself

New skill sets acquired

Bucket loads of coffee consumed

And while this ladyboss list of accomplishments is getting longer and longer. The scale kept getting heavier and heavier. Self care time kept getting shorter and shorter. Church started being an online livestream to “maybe” watch.

I’ve already told you about my affair with the horse “Crafty” at the Savannah retreat but the other most important thing I started doing again is working out, reading and praying.

Getting my makeup done by somebody else, having a photo shoot, taking a bubble bath, a pampering facial … Man how did life get to be so busy that these things are rare?

Nah I’m not about that life..

I reminded myself that living like this was a choice and I choose to STOP IT!

I choose to place my trust in God whenever my heart wavers over the things this year has in store.

I choose to make Him CEO.

I also choose to love myself and to take care of myself.

Life seems to be full of moments that ask us to let go when we long to hold on.

I don’t know what you’re facing right now, what season of life you’re in but my prayer for you as one female entrepreneur to another is simple and from the heart.

May you know the comfort & strength of the One whose love will never fail you & whose mercies are new every morning. May you take care of yourself & make this the year that whatever obstacles are blocking your progress get TORCHED!

Do something this week for yourself that you’ve previously been “too busy” for. Let me know what you decide!

Until next time..

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