Home is Where Your Heart Is

Posted by Indira Pierrot on December 20, 2017 in Uncategorized

Hey beautiful!

So it’s less than a week from Christmas & our decorations just went up over the weekend. This year has been AMAZING for me & 2018 is on track to be even better.

If I’m honest though, I could’ve done these things much sooner in life/business but self sabotage/procrastination was in the drivers seat for a long time. One thing about me though..

Discomfort makes me take action.

I don’t know if you’re the same but man oh man.. hurt my feelings, underestimate, or judge me and it’s on and popping!

However, as I get older my tolerance for drama and negativity is receding like a hairline. Almost to the point where going bald ( drama free) is the ONLY reasonable option. ( Some of these men need to let the remaining hair go sheesh!)

If I don’t feel comfortable then I don’t feel at home. Home is where my heart is (and yours too for that matter). That is why certain circumstances God snatches them from you like some edges because you start getting comfortable and “at home” and don’t keep pushing forward to greater.

So this holiday season I encourage you to choose next steps that align with being more comfortable in your own shoes WHILE moving forward…

“The wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down.” Proverbs 14:1

Build your house.

Build your community.

Build an audience.

Build your brand!

It’s time..

Now as an entrepreneur sharing content with your audience is literally the means you have of creating a “home” through your body of work and sharing what’s in your heart.

The foolish woman uses her own hands to tear her house down. That is what the verse said. So it’s not the devil, the program, the coach or your life circumstances blocking your success.. I was the foolish woman until I got sick and tired of being sick and tired. It’s a no can do boo for 2018!

Get to work! Tearing down your “house” is basically allowing self sabotage to reign. And that is a decision. My boyfriend has an expression he uses whenever I hit him with some straight up truth.. He will say “Straight like that?” Yup! .. Today is a “straight like that” post.

So this year I want you to decide the following

  1. Where are you going to consistently show up for your ideal clients to find you?
  2. How often?
  3. What value will you provide BEFORE worrying about what you can sell?

Reply back & let me know. Let’s get to building shall we? #straightlikethat

Until next time…

P.S. I am taking my own medicine as well and am in the process of creating a place for us to have some necessary girl time online! I am starting my first Facebook group. I know it will be amazing! So stay tuned…

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