Gratitude Over Grumbling

Posted by Indira Pierrot on April 16, 2018 in Uncategorized

Hey beauty!

I’m asked about sales often and the questions are usually sandwiched inside of a complaint. These complaints/excuses usually start off with one or more of the following:

” I only have ___ ”

” I never get ___”

“I’m not ___”

“I can’t ___”

So if you want to improve your sales the FIRST thing you need to do is improve your vocabulary and your mindset. 

You can learn all the strategies but if it at the end of the day you remain rooted in grumbling, (aka  defeated language) NOTHING is going to change about your situation.

When I stopped complaining about my lack of sleep and chose to be grateful for work that allowed me to do things in my business during my down time while still getting paid  that is when things started changing.

When I stopped praying about my problems and praising instead, new paths and solutions became available.

I  recently saw a post on social media that said we will ask God for a cake and then when He gives us egg, milk, flour, and sugar we will tell Him we are frustrated and leave the kitchen… My my my… That’s a good word right there!

Maybe you asked for a financial breakthrough and it came disguised as the opportunity to stretch yourself in ways you haven’t before. Instead of saying what you aren’t, why not look at the situation for what it is.. your ANSWERED PRAYER.

It’s no mystery to anyone who is close to me that I’m not very good at tech stuff. At times I will delegate what I need to and sometimes it works out and sometimes not. Instead of getting upset I just look at how much I’ve grown and handle my business.

I’m not web developer but I made my first website.

I’m not a videographer but I recorded a course using what ? VIDEO!

Instead of letting these things stop me I choose to thank God for opportunity to learn and grow.

With my current coaching gigs I am placed in an opportunity to learn from some of the best in the biz. Out of literally thousands they could choose from the blessing fell on me. I make it my business to learn as best as I can so that I don’t disappoint them for their faith in me.

So the next time the temptation to say what you can’t or not going to do comes up, unless it is against your moral beliefs take a deep breath and call to mind what you’ve been asking for.. Was it?

More faith?

More money?

More love?

More growth?

If the answer is yes, then the situation is probably your “ingredients” boo! Choose gratitude over and grouchiness and get on with this progress!

Until next time..

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