Finding Peace In The What If Moments

Posted by Indira Pierrot on May 31, 2018 in Uncategorized

Hey Gorgeous

No matter what level entrepreneur you are we ALL have “what if” moments.

Those times you wonder:

What if this doesn’t work out?

What if nobody wants to buy what I’m selling?

What if nobody shows up for this?

What if I can’t keep up with this schedule or this promise?

Like I said the other day action creates results. Some things you won’t know until you try, but how do you stay at peace and confident while waiting for those results to come?

  1. Detach from outcomes. Worry is the opposite of faith. So you focus on the activity itself and eventually the circumstances have no choice but to catch up.
  2. Have fun! I find something daily to do that I enjoy in order to step away from #girlboss mode. It’s reading a book, watching a show, date nights, family events etc. That is what we’re in business for anyway right? Freedom remember?
  3. Think of a past challenge you had that you didn’t necessarily get what you wanted but better. That always calms me right down. For example I was fired from a telephone nursing job several years ago. I wanted that gig to work out so bad because I wanted more than anything to work from home. Today I work from home doing something WAY BETTER and it involves regularly communicating with you gorgeous! What could be better?

Bottom line you will get where you need to in the right time. You don’t avoid these things once sales start coming in. Income in your business actually amplifies the issues that are already there. Best we get a handle on them from now then wouldn’t you say?

So I’m gonna need you to understand that lil morsel of info and keep pressing forward.

Until next time..


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