Many Are Called Yet Few Get Results.. Faith Is Required

Posted by Indira Pierrot on March 28, 2017 in Uncategorized

do the thing you think you cannot do

Hey gorgeous!

It’s been an amazing week. I closed 13,500 in sales in just 11 days and so while I am on a high from that, I also realize from my conversations with different women entrepreneurs how faith is just missing in the marketplace.

As a woman entrepreneur remember that your faith or lack thereof is evident to others and demonstrated through your actions.

Without faith you will never build a legacy

Without faith you will quit when things get hard..

Without faith your business will be an uphill battle ALL.THE.TIME.

It’s an ingredient that your business must have or you might as well hang it up hun. If you don’t believe in what you’re doing/selling then MOVE ON because you will not succeed. So if you lack faith ask for it or close up shop..just saying

The faithful woman entrepreneur will give it her best shot.

The faithful woman entrepreneur endures & perseveres.

The faithful woman entrepreneur handles the 3 D’s (disappointment, discouragement, & disasters) like a boss and keeps going.

On the flip side the faithless one allows doubt & fear to rule her life and business. She is the one who claims to believe in business but her actions do absolutely nothing to spread her message, sell products/services, or grow an audience.

Don’t be her.. I am begging you. Light up the fire within you and make your goals a “have to” not a “want to”. The same child like faith you had in order to believe in the Easter Bunny & Santa then develop it for your business.

If you aren’t taking action DAILY to change your present circumstances then please know you will become stagnant. Stagnant isn’t sexy boo.. Successful leaders understand this so NO MATTER WHAT they accomplish you will always see them seeking to continue to grow and improve.

Faith leads to the impossible becoming possible..

Are there impossible situations right now in your life?

Then those are the areas you need to grow & increase your faith!

People who lack faith lack fruit. They want everything done for them and most times for free. On top of focusing on the wrong things. Nobody cares about your logo and fonts..


So if you aren’t serious about this thing called freedom then fine but if you are then let’s get to work. Stop comparing your beginning to somebody else’s middle. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Step by step you will get there..

Overnight success is not reality because many of them that you see are the product of adjustments they made after previous failures. So if watching them is what has caused your faith to falter I encourage you to press on and keep going.

Anyway today’s message is a bit ranty but after talking to women with great ideas and no actions or “busy work” only to back them up I had to say something… woosa

Until next time..

With love & lipstick,


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