Do you recognize the early warning signs of being addicted to failure?

Posted by Indira Pierrot on April 14, 2017 in Business

Hey, beauty!

I am speaking to many women over the phone, in person, & online and it seems that though many are ready to do and achieve great things, there are those who have a tendency to head towards failure.

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45% of women entrepreneurs are making less than $500 a week. I know that is never the intention of anyone who starts a business so what gives?

Well definitely if you aren’t making the moola you want then either your prices or a number of sales conversions you have to need to increase. That’s pretty obvious…

What is not so apparent is that many times due to fear/self-sabotage we create an addiction to failure. There are usually 3 early warning signs that those who are headed for failure present with…

  1. Preference for ignorance ” My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge.” Hosea 4:6 the habitually unsuccessful don’t want to expand their knowledge base. (Ratchet TV does not an empire build ..just saying) They don’t read, take courses, or listen to things to improve themselves as individuals.
  2. Running away from responsibilities/relationships¬†Success in business/life for that matter requires COMMITMENT. Those who quit/fail in business usually quit/fail in relationships. Fear destroys potential and that destruction seeps into relationships. Success in business is achieved through building relationships with your ideal clients. So if you are the one always breaking things off don’t be surprised when that reflects back in your business. ( As someone who has broken engagements before trusting me when I say I’m not judging just letting you know what I’ve observed)
  3. Procrastination & paralysis become primary habits. Whereas those who are successful are known for consistently taking action. Even if it’s the wrong one they prefer to fail forward and learn lessons then to do nothing at all.

So beautiful this is a wake-up call if you are choosing not to learn anything, running away from responsibilities and relationships, procrastinating and in paralysis analysis the majority of the time then those are the “symptoms” of someone who is headed for failure. I was this chick probably my entire 20s lol! Couldn’t be consistent or committed to anything.

Time is a precious resource so every day you don’t take action to course correct you are robbing yourself of the life you deserve. So I want you to take action and reply back to me and tell me which of the 3 warning signs you plan to defeat right now!

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