Cry Me A River…Stop Asking Start Doing

Posted by Indira Pierrot on May 17, 2018 in Uncategorized

Hey Lovely Lady,

The last few weeks I feel as if I’ve had to literally duct tape my mouth and eyes so as not to go SLAP OFF on some of the foolery I’ve seen online these last few weeks.

Bill Cosby, Kanye West, Danielle Laporte… my, my, my ..

Honestly the old Indira would’ve went in several times already. The new Indira really thinks before jumping into hot debates.

Is this going to change anything?

Will it help somebody?

How will this affect my energy and stress levels?

And sometimes friends I take the “L” and hush my mouth.

I also hush my mouth because I recognize that activism is much more effective from a location other than a keyboard.

As a woman of color who is blessed to have a business, I gotta tell ya.. that is sometimes a tall order. These cats out here are straight tripping on social media sometimes.

But here is where I want to give my two cents.. I’ve silently watched several exchanges over the last few weeks and I want to call attention to some things. If you are choosing to enter into these exchanges with people these are some suggestions and opinions I have about it.

  1. Practice RADICAL SELF CARE ..when we are tired, depleted, hurt and angry that is not when we do our best work. Take care of you first before attempting to crusade for anything.
  2. It’s not necessary to be verbally abusive to anyone. State your opinion and keep it moving. Going ham and cursing people out just plays into the narrative of the “angry black woman”. It’s tiring.
  3. Stop demanding apologies from people who are not truly sorry. This is so demeaning. Again I repeat state your opinion and keep it moving.
  4. Recognize that your power comes from creating not complaining. One of my mentors is big mad with the diet industry. Instead of ranting on their pages she created her own book and community about attentive eating and living. BOOM that is how it is done. Another mentor and dear friend said her peace in an hot racial discussion and was 5 min later meditating and having a smoothie.  That’s personal power at work friends!

So if you’re upset about the lack of diversity in an area of business .. get to creating hun..

Speak up if you must but most importantly..ACT.. IMPLEMENT

All these excuses being given as to why things aren’t getting done. Cry me a river boo..People literally died for us to have the freedom to choose to be whatever we damn well want so do them a favor and spend less time cyber warring and/or procrastinating and more time taking action on your business and dreams.

Again I am not judging you just sharing with you what I think will really help and change the narrative I’ve been seeing over the last few weeks.

Until next time…



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