The Perfect Presenter Free 5-day Challenge

Let's create your next sales presentation for your service or product whether it is a webinar, call, or in person using memorable messaging and storytelling.



The Challenge begins Monday, February 6th at 1PM EST!

Here are 5 ways this challenge will change your business forever:

Day One: Ditch Hope Marketing 

By defining your ideal audience you will stop using "hope marketing" where you to speak to whomever can listen & hope someone will buy. You will speak from a place of total alignment & confidence which will position you as an authority not an amateur. 

Day Two:Overcoming Internal Objections

We will create ways for you to stand out in your in your audiences' mind long after the presentation is over. You will also learn how to address objections in your presentation not in your sales pitch so that by the time you reach sales portion of the presentation your audience is screaming "HELL YES". This will save you loads of time and frustration because your audience will pre qualify themselves for your offers.

Day Three:Create Audience Anticipation

Now that you have your audience, topic,message, story and call to action you can create a presentation that is smooth and organized. Most people lose sales because their presentations are overwhelming and a confused mind won't buy. That will not be you because your talk will flow and create anticipation not anxiety. 

Day Four:Bragging Done Right

Nothing is more annoying than listening to someone share testimonials before they have given enough value to the audience listening. We will insert relevant stories or case studies for the main points in your outline so that they make sense.

Day Five:Brand Yourself Using The EHP Factor 

As the saying goes your vibe attracts your tribe. Nobody wants to be lectured either. So we will find ways to inject energy, humor, and personality into your presentation so that you are branding yourself not a product. When you master branding yourself you can sell whatever you want whenever you want because you actually have a tribe of raving fans that you are in relationship with.  


I am Indira Pierrot the woman entrepreneur's B.F.F. (Beauty and Freedom Finder). 

It is my job to help you to work for yourself by working on yourself in order to sell more, slay more, and sleaze less...But just in case you need a little background here you go... 

I am...

  • A former telemarketer who made $30-$50 an hour on 100% commission. 
  • A former stockbroker who brought her firm 7 figures in new assets every 90 days.
  • A former network marketer/direct sales consultant who often made in a 1:1 appointment what others made in a group setting. 

Trust me when I tell you I know how to sell!

I learned very early on that people want to buy but they do not like to be aggressively sold to. I have mastered the art of the soft sell-through pricing and positioning which goes against the norm and so my sales techniques for the most part become effortless.

In addition to my past experience, I have invested in learning from some of the best mentors in the market today here is what Kim Garst has to say about me...

We start on February 6th and this will be the ONE AND ONLY time I run this challenge live and you can get immediate feedback from me on your presentation so don't miss out!  

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