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Many Are Called Yet Few Get Results.. Faith Is Required

do the thing you think you cannot do

Hey gorgeous!

It’s been an amazing week. I closed 13,500 in sales in just 11 days and so while I am on a high from that, I also realize from my conversations with different women entrepreneurs how faith is just missing in the marketplace.

As a woman entrepreneur remember that your faith or lack thereof is evident to others and demonstrated through your actions.

Without faith you will never build a legacy

Without faith you will quit when things get hard..

Without faith your business will be an uphill battle ALL.THE.TIME.

It’s an ingredient that your business must have or you might as well hang it up hun. If you don’t believe in what you’re doing/selling then MOVE ON because you will not succeed. So if you lack faith ask for it or close up shop..just saying

The faithful woman entrepreneur will give it her best shot.

The faithful woman entrepreneur endures & perseveres.

The faithful woman entrepreneur handles the 3 D’s (disappointment, discouragement, & disasters) like a boss and keeps going.

On the flip side the faithless one allows doubt & fear to rule her life and business. She is the one who claims to believe in business but her actions do absolutely nothing to spread her message, sell products/services, or grow an audience.

Don’t be her.. I am begging you. Light up the fire within you and make your goals a “have to” not a “want to”. The same child like faith you had in order to believe in the Easter Bunny & Santa then develop it for your business.

If you aren’t taking action DAILY to change your present circumstances then please know you will become stagnant. Stagnant isn’t sexy boo.. Successful leaders understand this so NO MATTER WHAT they accomplish you will always see them seeking to continue to grow and improve.

Faith leads to the impossible becoming possible..

Are there impossible situations right now in your life?

Then those are the areas you need to grow & increase your faith!

People who lack faith lack fruit. They want everything done for them and most times for free. On top of focusing on the wrong things. Nobody cares about your logo and fonts..


So if you aren’t serious about this thing called freedom then fine but if you are then let’s get to work. Stop comparing your beginning to somebody else’s middle. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Step by step you will get there..

Overnight success is not reality because many of them that you see are the product of adjustments they made after previous failures. So if watching them is what has caused your faith to falter I encourage you to press on and keep going.

Anyway today’s message is a bit ranty but after talking to women with great ideas and no actions or “busy work” only to back them up I had to say something… woosa

Until next time..

With love & lipstick,


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The P Word That Gets A Bad Rap But Shouldn’t

Hey beautiful!

We attract what we are ready for.

We get what we expect.


Our words truly DO have the power of life & death so with that being said, may I ask you what EXACTLY are you focused on?

Because if it’s worry or your fears then Houston we have a big problem…

Prosperity gets a bad rap at times but it really shouldn’t. It’s defined as “success,profitability, affluence, wealth, opulence, luxury, security & well being.” If you ask me if I believe in the “prosperity gospel” then yes I do if we are using the literal definition.

Who would be opposed to success & well being?

Repeat after me: I desire prosperity not struggle. I am a prosperous entrepreneur!

Nature doesn’t struggle so why the heck should we?

Faith & fear can’t coexist. One is ALWAYS the driving force behind your thoughts & therefore your actions.


Make a decision that you deserve success & go after it!

If you’re speaking a bunch of negativity but then expecting to have a successful sales outcomes. I’m here to tell you it’s not happening..

Complaining on repeat & focusing on your fears puts you in a position of lack not prosperity.

It’s time to change the conversation…and you can do that by

1. Get into a daily gratitude practice. Whether you write it, say it or think it isn’t important. Spend a few minutes each day in gratitude for what you do have so you can be blessed with more.

2. Do something daily that makes you feel happy 😊. Nobody wants to do business with or spend time around someone who does nothing but complain. Complaints arise from unhappiness so if that’s you then doing a minimum of one thing daily that lifts your spirits needs to become non negotiable. Read, go for a walk, pray, take a bubble bath, light some candles. It doesn’t need to take a long time just a few minutes will do wonders.

3. Acknowledge your wins no matter how big or small. One of my first coaches inspired me to get in the habit of buying myself fresh flowers. So now I have #freshflowerfriday where I get myself a bouquet of flowers 💐, some champagne or wine 🍷 and I celebrate whatever wins I’ve had for the week.

You can’t just sit around & expect clients to fall out of the sky just because you want them. You have to take action as well. (Faith without works is dead needs to stop being a cute saying and an actual belief.)

However not all client attraction & sales actions are marketing related. Just like you wouldn’t go to a fitness conference eating Big Macs everyday and not exercising, there are lifestyle behaviors that must align with your marketing & sales efforts in order for them to yield results..

Until next time…

Stay blessed, bold, & beautiful!


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Numbers Aren’t A Game…

Hey gorgeous!

This is something that has really helped me #getmylife in regards to my business. Numbers matter.. You can do all the woo woo intuition based strategies you want but ignoring statistics all the time will sometimes be a force against you.  I talk to women who sometimes go out there with the best intentions and yet don’t get the results they wanted.

Instead of allowing this to decrease your faith that is a perfect time to look at the existing statistics towards what you’re trying to do. For example it is a well known fact that 1 out of 10 people you talk to about a direct sales/mlm opportunity will show interest.  Or that 2% of your total email subscribers will buy from you.

numbers arent a game - featured image

So yes journal, visualize, do #allthethings mindset wise, but if you’ve only talked to 3 people about your opportunity or you have less than 100 people on your list, can you really get discouraged?

No you can’t because you will KNOW that you haven’t been exposed to enough people yet. Or if you’ve had positive results with those numbers you can show gratitude for the fact that you are beating the current statistics.. see how that works?

Whatever you focus on grows. So even as a spiritual entrepreneur it is important to demonstrate faith in God but you can still “show yourself approved” by knowing what your numbers are as far as your conversions in sales& list growth. God can be your CEO (He is mine) but you wouldn’t go into a earthly board meeting and tell the the chairpersons “I don’t know what our numbers are. I’m going with faith.” 

Umm how bout no.. So go into your prayer closet too armed with knowledge of what your numbers are as well.

Many of us made goals last month for 2017 but did we look at the viability of those goals with numbers or nah? Then if the goals aren’t met we get in our feelings and get discouraged. 

Your beliefs do affect your outcomes but knowledge of where you stand numbers wise further cements your beliefs. When you perform better than average you will get into an even higher level of confidence, excitement, & belief about what is possible with faith. When you perform less than the average you will know that this may be the time to exercise patience and keep going forward with a positive attitude instead of the spirit of discouragement.

I personally can’t stand the expression a lot of sales people use when they say “It’s just a numbers game.” Last I checked my livelihood, hopes, and dreams aren’t games to me…

So your mission if you choose to accept it this week is to

  1. Find out what the statistics are for whatever your primary goals are.
  2. Compare them to your current results and make whatever adjustments are necessary. 

Whether it’s to take a praise break and tell God thank You for beating the odds or if it’s a wake up call to adjust your strategies because you haven’t done enough to get the results you wanted. You won’t know which until you learn the statistics behind what you wanted and assessing where you currently are… So get to work!

Until next time..

Stay blessed, bold, &  beautiful!


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How To Get The Sale Without Having To Beg For It..

Hey Beauty,

How well do you know your potential clients?


Chances are you’ve done at least one sample client avatar worksheet before (why the heck is it called that btw? sheesh!)  You wrote down her business, her age, her income and education levels. You know where she lives and how many kids she has and what her biggest dreams are.

But do you really know what drives her? Do you really know what is keeping her up at night? Do you? 

We’re not talking about just what she wants (if we are keeping it 100 we ALL want more money and free time) but more importantly, you need to know what her biggest pain points are. Figure this out, and you’ll not only be able to better create programs to help her, but your messaging and thus your sales will dramatically improve as well.

Think about it—if you’re uncomfortable with technology, and once in a DIY mood you destroyed your website during a simple update, website management becomes a huge pain point for you. Or you find the creating of a website much less the design very overwhelming and it has remained a stumbling block in you starting your business. Now imagine you find a VA who not only works with WordPress but does simple yet elegant design, who calmly shares examples of how she’s rescued client websites after such disasters.

She’s clearly addressed your biggest pain point, and you’re sold! You will feel that in finding your prayers are answered right?

The same is true for your ideal client. Show her you can help her avoid those pain points—or better yet, eliminate them completely—and you’ll forge an instant bond. It will not be necessary to beg & plead over sales. Sales will become the NATURAL next step.

Now you may already have a good idea what causes your ideal client pain, but if not, you have plenty of ways to find out.

  • Talk to her. What do she most often ask or complain about?
  • Listen in on forums, on social media, and other places your audience hangs out. What are they struggling with?
  • Major publication surveys. These can be a rich source of information in any market. Pay special attention to the words and phrases readers use to describe their troubles.
  • Keep an eye on your competition. What pain points are they addressing?
  • What was your biggest pain point when you were in her place?

Once you’ve uncovered your ideal clients’ biggest pain points, you’ll have a powerful tool that you can use not only in your presentations but all of your messaging. Best of all it will also help define your programs and service offerings.

If you can help your ideal client overcome the most painful issues he/she faces—whether it’s a lack of self-confidence or a fear of public speaking,  dissatisfied with makeup application at local counters—you’ll instantly become a more valuable resource to her.

And when you incorporate those same pain points in your presentations, sales copy,  and messaging your conversions will dramatically increase as well!

Until next time..

Live by design not by default


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Why I Became An Entrepreneur (And Maybe You Should Too)

Hey, beautiful!

After working as a stockbroker, network marketer, a makeup artist & over a decade as a nurse I am the LAST person who expected to become an entrepreneur.  I always expected to graduate from some kind of graduate school as a doctor of something (may still happen) &  retirement would come after many hard years of loyal work somewhere.  How did full-time entrepreneurship become an absolute do or die for me?


Well because my work experiences & my beliefs about success pointed me in that direction. Let me share with you my top 10 beliefs about success & you will see that running a business may become the only option for you too.

1. We are where we are due to our choices.

This means we get to be who & what we want. Most employers encourage dependence on them while entrepreneurs encourage independence and creativity.

2. Tomorrow is not promised.

Life is NOW. Heavy focus on either the past or the future is only going to keep you unhappy and anxious. Employers foster a focus on future retirement & benefits. Entrepreneurs focus on creating freedom RIGHT TA NOW!

3.  Our circumstances are a reflection of what we are doing.

If things aren’t working or feeling good, employment encourages putting these issues aside in order to get the job done. Entrepreneurs, however, focus on daily personal and spiritual development. This way you can “coach” yourself to figure out and resolve whatever the problem is. This skill alone creates transformation in virtually every area of life.

4. Gratitude is a prerequisite for success.

Life is a gift that if you’re not careful with will pass you by. The more grateful you are, the more you’re able to receive even more things to continue being grateful for! If your criteria for success isn’t based solely on money then I can honestly say, I have yet to meet a successful entrepreneur who is ungrateful.

5. Goals should stretch you.

You must go all out. The accomplishment of stretch goals can’t happen with half-ass attempts. #sorrynotsorry Employment at times encourages stagnation. As a nurse, I’ve had quarterly reviews from people who have never even met me in person! Talk about feeling like what you do actually doesn’t matter.. sheesh

6. Everything starts with belief.

You create your own reality. Your beliefs dictate your actions. Your actions create your outcome. If things aren’t aligning the way you like, take a long hard look at your mindset & beliefs. When working with clients who struggle with sales if they are taking action daily & still not seeing results nearly 100% of the time mindset & beliefs are to blame.

7. What you make a MUST can either help or hurt you.

Emotional attachment to a vision is great but detaching from outcomes is even better. If not you become the person giving off a desperate vibe that repels away the very things you desire. You can make certain actions/activities a must but the outcome of those activities is up to God, not you. The sooner you understand that the more resilient & consistent you will be.

8. Success isn’t for the weak or lazy. 

If sitting on a couch daily binging on TV & food, while living for one weekend to the next means living to you then honey becoming a CEO/owner of a business is NOT for you. You will constantly be called on to get stronger, better, & faster every day that your eyelids pop open & you’re breathing. Just saying…

9. Successful people are called to share a message with the world by the way they live. 

People will look up to you as an authority & leader. They are going to look to you for help overcoming fears, strategies to excel in whatever your area of expertise is. They are going to want to know your opinions on things as well. Some will not like what you have to say but like I tell my clients “If you don’t have haters you not popping!” How you continue to share your message in spite of them & other obstacles will be an encouragement to someone else who hasn’t reached as far as you.

10. What you speak about you bring about. 

There is literally the power of life & death in the tongue. Stop complaining. View the words “I AM” as a powerful mantra for whatever you wish to receive. So in my case I make a serious effort to eliminate the following phrases from my vocabulary; “I’m tired.” “I’m broke.” “I’m sick.” “I’m dead.”  Now, this doesn’t mean you will never feel these things but speaking on them doesn’t change your feelings at the moment so why bother right? Exactly…

Every single one of these beliefs has in some way, shape, or form impacted the amount of money I make as both an employee & entrepreneur. The only difference is as an entrepreneur sales & growing relationships are the lifeblood of my business. As an employee.. hmm.. not so much. So there wasn’t really the same amount of motivation to change. So for me, the choice to go full speed into business was a no-brainer.

What about you? What are your beliefs about success? Comment below and let me know!

Until next time…



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The Outer Game & Inner Game Have To Match

Hey, beautiful!

I recently did a live stream on Facebook about the power of self-reflection.

In my opinion, it is one of the most powerful skills you can have as an entrepreneur. That’s because in business there is an outer game & an inner game. I’m sure you probably have noticed that one of the most popular buzz words for 2016 has been alignment. As we prepare for Thanksgiving tomorrow in the U.S. there is much to be grateful for, but also use it for some self-reflection to see where you are with things as well.


Alignment means that things have to match or there will be a loss in function. Like one day a very silly lady (possibly the one typing this) got an oil change and because she was pressed for time decided to forego getting her wheel alignment done. She continued driving for another 2-3 month this way until she had a tire blow out while she was driving at about 80 mph on the highway!

Needless to say, she could have lost her life, gotten into an accident and hurt others as a result of choosing not to get aligned. 

Okay so that silly lady was me ( I know you’re shocked lol) and I ended up having to buy a brand new tire, and I damaged my car by hitting the highway median. Not to mention I was pulled over that day on the side of the road waiting for assistance and missed an important appointment. This is the importance of alignment if you try to ignore it at some point it will come back and bite you.. trust me on this one!

You can continue to drive your “business” knowing that it needs an alignment but consider just like a car it will take much more effort to get from one location to the other to the point that some serious damage occurs. I don’t want that for you!

In business and life, your outer game is your actions and your inner game is your mindset. 

Whatever goal/intention you create for yourself both inner & outer must match. If you say I want this to be my 6 figure year so I can leave my 9-5 but in your mind, you don’t feel you deserve that type of success then you are not aligned & will self-sabotage. If you think to yourself ” I deserve better” but you are binging on Netflix every weekend instead pursuing your dream of a business.. well .. I think you get my point. In either case, you will not make the sales you need to in order to move forward.

Alignment my dear is what’s for dinner!

So if you feel like you are working really hard right now & not seeing RESULTS then it’s time to look at what is going with you as far as your inner & outer game. Today I want you write out what your goals/intentions are for your business and then honestly assess if your actions match that goal. And if you are taking a bunch of action but not working on your beliefs I want you to check in with yourself on that too. I believe in you!

Until next time…



P.S. Sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know and things right in front of us are missed. If you want help to see if you are on the right path feel free to schedule a breakthrough strategy session with me at

Wishing & Wanting Don’t Make You Money

“Most people confuse wishing and wanting with pursuing. You must place your trust in ACTION.”  – Price Pritchett 


I was the type of person who always had to learn more & plan out every detail, but things didn’t shift in my business until I started a 2 step process. Two steps. That’s it..

It’s so simple it’s almost insulting to share but I have to keep it 100 with you. Even though it’s only 2 things few people actually DO them and that is..

  1. Make a decision.
  2. Do what it takes.

Basic right? But you would be surprised how many women are walking around unclear about WHAT they actually want in the first place. Sigh..

That’s why when I get on the phone with a client or potential client the FIRST thing we talk about is what is your DESIRED OUTCOME. Once you do that, then you have to #getyourlife  and get serious about going after it.

And that is where failure comes in because goals are thrown out & not acted on, blank checks are signed, declarations & affirmations said, meditation & journaling begin but when it comes to actually DOING what it takes… hmmm well

You know the things like focusing on visibility & income producing activities?  (insert side eye)

Mindset issues & fear get in the way & then we are back next December 31st with the same old tired goals. I was here myself so no condemnation my friend but we MUST DO BETTER..

If you have a goal that you have not reached yet then the answer is also very simple. Your behavior hasn’t changed to meet the goal. 

The ideas you’ve been given are DIVINELY inspired. Just sit with that for a sec..

But it goes beyond that because wishing & wanting don’t create money & when not acted upon what they do create is frustration. This a love smackdown so don’t shoot the messenger here!

I know this isn’t new information and you may feel you know it already but the actual test of how much you know is where are you in regards to where you want to be?

What actions are you taking beautiful? 

So your desired outcome has to be to the point to where you..

Live IT 

Breathe IT 

Take action towards IT 


And if not then.. well… you know we will continue to play Groundhog’s Day on New Year’s Eve again..

Until next time..



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Where It All Started..

Today is a special day for me & for you. For me because I get to share one of my closely guarded secrets & for you because you get to witness the unveiling of that secret…
You get to hear my story & if I do a good job of telling it, then you will see that no matter how things look on the outside. We all have our hidden skeletons, monsters, gremlins, and closet boogeymen that haunt us right?
Now telling you about who I was & where I came from is not as exciting as all of these popular rags to riches stories that seem to be all the rage. But I’m positive that this story will show you a side of me that you didn’t know existed.
I’m a survivor of child sexual abuse which led to multiple abusive relationships as an adult. I’m a little girl who cried to have lighter skin & felt ugly almost all of the time. I allowed these circumstances to plague EVERY. SINGLE. AREA. of my life.
My days consisted of wanting to be loved so badly that I was willing to accept almost ANYTHING as love & then once that proved to be harmful, I flipped the script and became the total opposite. I wanted to do everything for myself and not allow anyone close to me and would purposely sabotage relationships when people made me feel vulnerable because I cared for them.
And then one day I woke up & realized that I simply couldn’t go another day,not even another second like this;
On that beautiful, glorious, fateful day everything shifted. I decided to stop medicating the symptoms of my life and actually treat the problems. 
I got serious about my desires. I got serious abut my personal & spiritual development. As a result I got serious about working for myself and even though I do still pick up nursing shifts, between that and my business, I am 100% self employed and couldn’t be more proud!
Now I get to talk to women who felt like I used to & who are tired of running expensive hobbies but realize it’s not the courses, the programs, or the products. IT’S THEM!
-not wanting to be visible
-not wanting to be disappointed again
-not wanting to be ridiculed for having dreams of running a successful business
So I truly thank God for that glorious day with EVERY.FIBER.OF.MY.BEING…
I went from fearful to faithful.
I went from overwhelmed to on assignment.
All those earth shattering, life altering changes have made me the proud woman I am today who refuses to leave any woman behind who wants a life of beauty & freedom as well.
So there!
Now you know my ugly duckling past.. my closet full of skeletons.
Tell me about yours..What’s your story? What’s your ugly duckling past? That dreadful before?
Are you living it now or have you moved ahead?
I’m proof it is totally possible to get past it and I want you to believe you can as well!
Until next time..

How To Find A Mentor










People don’t just wake up one day automatically successful. Success is something that is cultivated and grown. One of the fastest ways to achieve success in life is to get a mentor.

Now keep in mind a mentor is NOT the same as a coach. A mentor is defined as an “experienced and trusted adviser”. A coach is defined as ” someone who trains, teaches, and instructs”. A great coach can become your mentor AFTER a relationship is established where you feel comfortable sharing your vulnerabilities and getting advice on it. Someone can technically coach you without a relationship but you can’t truly be an effective mentor without relationship. Got it?

Throughout my journey in business I have had access to several coaches through courses and programs but only a handful of them would I categorize as mentors. Mentors I can be honest & raw about ANYTHING going on not just business related and receive their love, advice, & feedback without judgement. That is truly one of my greatest blessings in business. For me that has been L’erin Alta, Adrienne Dorison, Bushra Azhar, Luisa Zhou, & Kim Garst. Each of them has contributed in making this awesome bundle of chocolate goodness called me into the successful entrepreneur I am today.

So in your entrepreneurial and life journey there will be times when you will feel lost. You will feel frustrated and dissatisfied. And in those times having a coach is cool but let me tell you having a mentor is even better!

So how do you find a good one?

Well just like with any relationship, start out slow and let it build naturally. If they have any free content you can consume take the time to do so, in order to get to “know them” and see if they are someone you can vibe with.

Invest in whatever paid content they have that you feel will help you to reach your goals. But don’t just stop there you need to IMPLEMENT like a mofo. Take action with what they teach you free or paid and let them know what the results are! Time is money and successful people have mastered who is going to be a good investment of their time. If you are implementing what they teach you then that means you are open to receiving instruction & guidance which is critical for the relationship to evolve.

If someone is offering to guide you in the right direction, it is important to learn how to accept support and ACT on it. It is a gift and learning how to receive life’s gifts is an important part of becoming successful. Not all entrepreneurs are out there strictly for the dollars, some truly want to see results in their clients more so than sales. I am definitely that way so there is no surprise that everyone I consider a mentor is exactly the same way as well.

So once you begin to implement & get results, you will naturally develop a relationship with your mentor.  So the last step is for you then return the favor by becoming a mentor yourself. Sometimes the people you mentor will turn around and teach you things if you are open to it!

I want to know who is your mentor(s) and why you chose them? Hit reply and tell me!

Until next time..

With love & lipstick,




Value Yields Bank










Value will always yield bank. The coaching industry is very divided. There are those who promote their offerings and want to have no parts in true relationship and there are those who take the time to provide value first and foremost. There are those who don’t address tragedies but will fill your inbox or news feed with promotion. I believe that many times as former or current employees we work just enough to not get fired.  Yeah.. the bare minimum is usually fine in the workplace.

But this attitude doesn’t translate well into entrepreneurship and that is why many entrepreneurs give up or simply don’t make money. While it is okay to do in the workplace, in the entrepreneurs’ world that will lead to dissatisfied clients &you not being considered trustworthy. You may also end up appearing insensitive. Sales can’t happen where those things are present. 

The one who goes above & beyond will then get these clients and they will have fans for life. 

Value is determined by what you bring to the marketplace. Your attitude. Your beliefs. Your appearance. Your content. Your empathy. Your responsiveness. Put the focus on the clients & giving them a good experience.

If you are a bare minimum employee & everyone tells you that in order to make money in business you need to treat it like a job… umm well? I hate to be the bearer of this harsh reality but you are going to have to do more.  No, you need to treat it like your all consuming passion. Because the bare minimum in this space is not gonna cut it!

How can you relieve frustrations & pain? Focus on that instead of making 10k in 10 seconds and I promise you the sales will come. That type of focus increases value and like I said value yields bank!

Another thing that will keep you stuck is your ego. Ego doesn’t want to confront weaknesses. But as a divine feminine leader you have to take a REALISTIC look at yourself & your shortcomings. Not for your inner critic to have a field day but rather so that you can improve. Take emotion out of it!

List your top 3-5 weakneses & ask those close to you what they think your weaknesses are as well. Evaluate your shortcomings and then set about creating a plan to improve or delegate out those areas of your life, little by little.

Faith is a prerequisite for success. 

You have to put yourself in the position you want to be in first & then the results will follow. Do you dress like the position you want? Do you behave like it?

Real talk the bare minimum crew will do twice the work in the long run so it’s time to step it up!

Until next time…

With love & lipstick,