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It’s Time To Get Out Of Your Rut!



Hey beautiful!

It’s time to draw a line in the sand and decide is this going to be a voluntary business ( aka unpaid hobby) or a successful one?

I just want to reach out to you today and encourage you to do whatever it takes instead of believing your excuses. They are nothing more than “polite lies” but lies they are nonetheless.

I just recently listened to an old book called Wake Up & Live and the author shares how it takes just as much energy to fail (if not more so) as to succeed. If that’s true ( and my life experience has made me a believer that it is) then why not go for success, instead of nursing and rehearsing excuses?

Look at who you’re surrounding yourself with and if you aren’t destined for mediocrity then the people around you shouldn’t be. #justsaying

We are blessed to live in a time that you can literally start off with nothing and realistically still make it as an entrepreneur. (Provided you are willing to implement not just absorb information)

So this begs the question..

Are you willing to step it up? 

You didn’t start this business to become a ‘hobbypreneur”.

98% of aspiring entrepreneurs don’t make it because they treat their business as a hobby or volunteer work. They let their business drift into oblivion during the summer while taking selfies as a profession instead.

Well the summer is actually the BEST time to refocus! While everybody is on vacation and giving up YOU can get yourself back on track…


Remember your clients will duplicate what you do and if that’s been a whole lot of nothing.. well..

Change your focus and you will change your results. 

Whatever you focus on is what grows so why not focus on increasing your skills?

For some reason many believe entrepreneurship (though a degree is not required) is like something you can do without learning. Nothing could be further from the truth…

Have you made the decision that this business is a profession/calling for you or nah? 

If so then get yourself an education in your chosen field. By choosing to stay current first of all and then by learning in the style that suits you best from those who have the results you wish to gain. Don’t skimp on this because it’s business…

And lastly if you’re not having fun and growing as a person, or if you’re feeling burdened then something is off track and some adjustments need to be made so that you can get back the passion you once had for your business dream.

So reply back to me with your commitment to make your business a profession not just a pipe dream..

Until next time..

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ROI: The Real Way To Sell

Hey beautiful!

Want to know what keeps a lot of entrepreneurs from making what they really want to financially?

It’s that all-too-common belief that “I’m not a sales person.” Combine that with a healthy dose of the limiting belief “It’s rude to ask for money,” and you can see why many people are “hobbypreneurs” not owners of thriving businesses.


Make no mistake if your business isn’t making sales then you don’t have a business. So yes actually you are a sales person. You just need to learn sales in an authentic & comfortable way. 

It’s time to think of your offers from a different angle. Not only will you see things in a clearer light, but selling suddenly won’t feel so…salesy.

Here’s how traditional sales conversations go:

You talk to a potential client, and you explain what you can offer, how your coaching or service works, what he or she can expect (how many calls/emails, phases of work, length of contract), etc. And then you say, “My rate is $XXX.00.”

Or you show them a bunch of products and tell them how great they are due to certain ingredients, or how much the company you are selling for is doing worldwide.  (Spoiler alert: They don’t care!)

Your client either says yes, no or (the kiss of death) maybe.

How bout we turn that around, and rather than focus on what he/she will get from YOU, take a look at what she will achieve when she hires you.

For a business coach, this is easy. Talk money. How much more profit will your client make when she hires you? If your coaching fee is $1,000 per month, but you can show her how to increase her sales by $3,000 per month, then your price is inconsequential. She’ll earn it back three times over, not only while you’re actively coaching her, but for the rest of her business life.

Who wouldn’t jump on that with both feet? I’m saying…

What you’re doing here is not talking about the cost of your services, but rather the cost of not hiring you. Because we’ve just determined if she doesn’t work with you, she’s losing $3,000 per month.

What about other kinds of coaches or entrepreneurs though? The same applies, you just have to find a way to show your clients the cost of their inaction.

If you’re a life coach, inaction (to your potential client) might mean years of feeling unhappy and unfulfilled. Imagine what it might be worth to your client to lift that depressing burden forever?

The same goes for health and wellness entrepreneurs. Can you add 10 years to the life of an unhealthy, overweight man? That’s priceless.

What about dating coaches? For someone who’s been unlucky in love, in and out of one bad relationship after another, the promise of a man (or woman) who will love and cherish them is worth nearly any price.

What about network marketing/direct sales? For someone who is entrepreneurial minded and feels alone or scared you can point out that they are basically joining a whole new family. They are also decreasing the start up costs that a traditional franchise or business might have by joining an established company.

What about real estate? For someone who has a family what about the memories that will not be created in the property if they don’t get it? What will the neighborhood do for them to make life easier or worth the travel for?  By now I think you get my point…

You just have to paint the picture.

What will life/business/love look like without your offer, and what can it look like with it?

Once they see the difference, pricing becomes nearly irrelevant.

Until next time..



Transparency Gets You More Sales

Hey gorgeous!

There are far too many women out there who either downplay their success or don’t go after what they want due to fear. In the meantime your audience or potential audience misses out on these stories and feel like success in their case may be unattainable.

Share your success. Believe me it’s not bragging if done for the purpose of inspiring others. If the intent is to make others feel inferior, well then you probably need a reality check..but this isn’t the time for that.

Share your failures that you’ve overcome. This is equally important. It teaches your audience that she isn’t perfect but she keeps going & if she can so I!

You can’t have loyalty to anything you don’t feel a connection to. This is how you build connection by being REAL. Even though you may not hear it from your family & friends or your audience, they want you to do well.

Most importantly, people feel that if you can accomplish something for yourself then you can help them accomplish the same for themselves too. They want to trust that you know what you’re doing & that can’t happen unless you pull back the curtains of your life and share.

You never want to get so out of touch with who you’re called to serve that they can’t relate to you. Because once that happens they will go elsewhere to have their needs met.

I recently accepted a position as an enrollment coordinator/assistant coach for one of the top women’s empowerment companies for millennial African American women. God created the opportunity of course. But faith without works is dead right?

So I would’ve never gotten the position if I stayed silent about the things I’ve been successful at or who I’m called to help & serve. As a result of being transparent & sharing, I was seen by the CEO of this company & given an opportunity that has increased my income substantially!

I see so many women using fake names on social media & then selling products/services the minute you accept a friend request. If I can’t trust you to be authentic with what you are called how can I trust you with my money?

One of the reasons video/livestreaming is one of the most lucrative ways to make sales nowadays is because you can’t do them well without being vulnerable & authentic. That can’t be a coincidence…

So now it’s your turn. I challenge you this week to share either a win or a failure you’ve overcome with your audience and what lessons you learned as a result.

Until next time..

How To Reach Your Income Goals In Business Without Losing Your Soul Or Sanity

It might just be the most stressful decision you ever have to make: Do I move forward with the dream of being an entrepreneur or nah?

You’ve got the competition to consider, your actual skill set vs. what you perceive to be your skills (Yes, this is different from the former for most of us. I hate to break it to you 😊) what your market will pay, and a host of other variables. Working these issues out in the beginning can feel like a hurdle you can’t quite get past.


Of course, there are sales strategies to consider. No sales means no income. There are 3 types of markets any business can sell to. They are:

Cold Market: these are people you don’t know and who don’t know you (hence where the term cold calling comes from) an example of this is telemarketing or those people in the mall who work my last nerve yelling to come inside their store. Lol!

Cold market sales only occur roughly 2% of the time on the first try. This is because this type of selling is viewed as intrusive. Ya think ? Many people end up frustrated in their efforts from trying to sell to cold market and quit their businesses as a result.

Warm Market: these are people you’ve made contact with friends, family or leads/followers/subscribers that CONSENT to hearing from you about your business. You will end up frustrated expecting family & friends who haven’t given their consent or expressed interest in your business to bear the burden of buying from you.

That’s not the way to reach your income goals either. (Don’t get mad or guilt them into anything because they buy from other brands because those brands invest money in advertising to them and you haven’t.)

This market WILL buy from you when you establish a relationship with them where you consistently provide value. 80% of sales happen in this market between the 5th -12th contact.

Hot Market: these people have bought from you before and are pleased with the results. This is the market that will give you referrals and will continue to buy as long you make them feel special. This is your tribe!

Now raise your right hand & repeat after me: “As of today I do solemnly swear to stop trying to sell to my cold market, throwing shade to my lukewarm market (family & friends) for not investing in my business, and I will from this day forward focus on providing value first. I will treat those who have bought from me as precious cargo and make them feel special!”

But what about all those other questions?

You will need to decide how you plan to market your business in a way you can be consistent with. For me that is FB livestreams, blogging, and Instagram.

For you it can be podcasting or videos, live events/presentations. Whatever you truly enjoy and will do on a consistent basis.  Once that is done you need to create solid pricing that your market is willing & able to pay.

Creating a solid pricing structure requires you to do a little more digging. So with your starting number in mind, take a look at:

Your Competition. Depending on the industry this might take a little detective work, since a lot of coaches and service providers don’t publish rates. But if you pay attention to their websites and social media, & ask a few discreet questions,you can figure it out.

Be realistic about who, exactly, your competition is, though. Don’t undervalue or over-sell yourself. In other words, make sure you’re comparing yourself to another provider who shares the same skills, market, and track record, rather than simply looking at who you strive to become. I’m not with the charge high end with no experience movement.. umm no

Your Skills. In some fields, this is easy. There are certifications and educational programs that allow you—by virtue of having achieved them—to charge a certain rate. If you’ve followed this path, then pricing will be easy for you. If not, take a solid look at what you can legitimately claim as a skill.

Look, too, at your track record. Please #fixitjesus  have mercy!

Have you proven yourself by helping former clients (and do you have the testimonials and case studies to show for it)?

Have your former clients moved on to bigger and better things after working with you? (That’s a good thing!)

These are all reasons to maybe consider a higher price range than you might have first thought OR to not expect 10k in 10 minutes comparing your beginning to someone else’s middle. Just saying..

Your Market. In the game of setting rates & making sales, it’s your market that has the final say. As any first year economy student can tell you, the price of anything lies where what the buyer is willing to pay meets with what the seller is willing to accept.

If your goal is to give newbies a helping hand and lead them down the path to success, then realistically that means you can look forward to lower paying gigs. That’s not a bad thing—everyone has to begin somewhere—but it does need to be acknowledged.

If, on the other hand, you’re target market is more established and economically stable, then a higher fee isn’t just warranted—it’s a MUST (provided you have the experience to match). They will expect a higher price, and will not find value in the lowest-cost provider of anything, whether it’s lipstick, coffee or coaching.

Finally, don’t forget that your income as a business owner is never set in stone. It’s flexible boo! If you find you’re attracting the wrong market (or no market at all) you can always change your rates. So don’t despise the days of small beginnings. Keep going!

Once you’re established if you feel that you’re working too hard for not enough return? Raise your rates.

It’s your business. You get to call the shots!

Until next time..

Do you recognize the early warning signs of being addicted to failure?

Hey, beauty!

I am speaking to many women over the phone, in person, & online and it seems that though many are ready to do and achieve great things, there are those who have a tendency to head towards failure.

blog - 04-14-17 - fb ad

45% of women entrepreneurs are making less than $500 a week. I know that is never the intention of anyone who starts a business so what gives?

Well definitely if you aren’t making the moola you want then either your prices or a number of sales conversions you have to need to increase. That’s pretty obvious…

What is not so apparent is that many times due to fear/self-sabotage we create an addiction to failure. There are usually 3 early warning signs that those who are headed for failure present with…

  1. Preference for ignorance ” My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge.” Hosea 4:6 the habitually unsuccessful don’t want to expand their knowledge base. (Ratchet TV does not an empire build ..just saying) They don’t read, take courses, or listen to things to improve themselves as individuals.
  2. Running away from responsibilities/relationships Success in business/life for that matter requires COMMITMENT. Those who quit/fail in business usually quit/fail in relationships. Fear destroys potential and that destruction seeps into relationships. Success in business is achieved through building relationships with your ideal clients. So if you are the one always breaking things off don’t be surprised when that reflects back in your business. ( As someone who has broken engagements before trusting me when I say I’m not judging just letting you know what I’ve observed)
  3. Procrastination & paralysis become primary habits. Whereas those who are successful are known for consistently taking action. Even if it’s the wrong one they prefer to fail forward and learn lessons then to do nothing at all.

So beautiful this is a wake-up call if you are choosing not to learn anything, running away from responsibilities and relationships, procrastinating and in paralysis analysis the majority of the time then those are the “symptoms” of someone who is headed for failure. I was this chick probably my entire 20s lol! Couldn’t be consistent or committed to anything.

Time is a precious resource so every day you don’t take action to course correct you are robbing yourself of the life you deserve. So I want you to take action and reply back to me and tell me which of the 3 warning signs you plan to defeat right now!

Until next time…


Quarterly Evaluation aka Reality Check

Hey beauty!

Sometimes we set out on a journey but we don’t create a plan or set proper expectations, then we’re disappointed with the outcome.

Those creepy little crevices that contain our bad habits it’s time to take a look at them & stop hiding….

At your job you’re evaluated on your performance quarterly & annually.

Quarterly Evaluation- blog image

Don’t you think your LIFE deserves the same courtesy if not more?

What is your health & fitness looking like?

What has changed since last year to get you more in the direction of what you want?

The “hear no evil see no evil” approach to dealing with life and business will only give you a life that you actually don’t want.

If you’re so busy that changing your life & finances, deepening your spirituality by making time for yourself & relationship with God isn’t something you’re able to do, then please know gorgeous, there are some idols in your life that need to be dealt with.

I was this way for YEARS until the pain of being in the same place year after year became unbearable for me & now I’m vigilant like a motherlover over what gets my time. Trust…

Journaling, praying, & reading are actually NON NEGOTIABLES now and as a result my income continues to increase. I don’t think that’s a coicindence…

So if you’re in the “too busy” camp it’s time for you to do your own quarterly review:

Who are you surrounding yourself with?

What are you listening to & watching?

When are you relaxing?

When are you working on your goals?

Have you made progress towards the goals you made for business this year?

The vast majority of the time we aren’t actually too busy. Nope.. usually it’s that we’ve crafted lifestyles that let fear and/or self sabotage run the show and as a result we procrastinate or don’t implement what we need to. The answer to these questions most definitely contributes to your income growth or lack as an entrepreneur so don’t skip them.. 

So your mission if you choose to accept is…

Give yourself a 1st quarter 2017 review & tell me what you plan to do to free up more time to actually create and generate revenue from your business or side hustle. Can’t wait to hear what you come up with!

Until next time…


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Not What I Signed Up For

Hey gorgeous!

The first time you make a sale in your business it truly is one of the BEST feelings in the world! It’s so validating. Everything you’ve been dreaming about is now a reality…sigh

not what i signed up for - featured image

It actually means you were right about your decision to make whatever offer you made. You weren’t just blowing smoke up your assets. This choice of yours might actually work!

The other side of things is that once you start to take action & more sales happen, you get all these ideas & divine downloads of other things you can create, sell, and market…

New products, programs, launches, funnels, masterminds, memberships… oh my!

It’s a lot for one person to do let alone to scale. In order for the sales to keep coming, though, YOU are going to have to keep cranking some of these above-mentioned things out…

Whatever you set your mind to and refuse to be dissuaded or discouraged from will get you results but honestly hustling, launching, on top of creating your free value content can become exhausting.

In my own business, I was beginning to feel like for every step I took forward there needed to be BLOOD, SWEAT, TEARS, CONFLICTS, & DRAMA EVERY SINGLE TIME…

I’ve also felt at times that my income was stagnant & that I was pouring in so much and seeing so little in return.

That’s not what I signed up for so I stopped caring.

Stopped caring about what I can’t control.

Stopped caring about what I can’t fix.

Stopped caring about who believes in me enough to stick around.

I detached from outcomes, showed up daily and made it a point to be transparent. If you’re where I was then I suggest you focus on the future. Stop caring & worrying about the past.

The brand is YOU, not the products or programs hun. It stands to reason then that you need to be out there doing things that uplift & inspire not only others but yourself as well. For this reason, I politely took myself on a vacation a week ago & have committed to taking Much more this year too.

The point of being in business is not to create another job for yourself where you can’t step away ever. That’s slavery, not entrepreneurship. Slavery isn’t the goal FREEDOM is…

So your mission if you choose to accept it is to:

1. Think about an area where you aren’t taking care of yourself the way you should.

2. Decide on ONE thing you will commit to for 30 days that will help renew your commitment to yourself to get better with that area.

If you’re brave comment & let me know what you decided on & what action you’re going to take for the next 30 days.

Until next time.

Stay blessed, bold, & beautiful!

With ❤️& 💄,


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Stop Holding Yourself Back

stop holding yourself back

Hey beautiful!

Just a short note to remind you of a few things..

You were born for something BIG.

You’re here to make a difference in the world.

Stop allowing fear to hold you back!

When you get a handle on fear it’s then you can TRULY live the life you were made for.

You’re a leader.

You’re an entrepreneur.

Own that ish hun and I promise doing so will be a game changer!

Are you going to continue to settle for someone telling you how much you can make each year?

How many days you’re “allowed” to spend with your loved ones?

Or are you going to go after the life you dream of? I’m just wondering…

Make no mistake entrepreneurs are modern day ministers with the internet as our virtual pulpits. With everything going on in the world today it is critical for you to FOCUS. If you are called to be one then there IS a message inside of you and it’s high time it gets shared…

Someone is waiting on YOU to stop making excuses and take CONSISTENT ACTION.

Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart but I need you to FOCUS..

Focus on being the leader you know you’re called to be.

Focus on kicking your excuses & fears to the curb.

Focus on taking incremental steps of action towards your goals.

If you do this then everything else will take care of itself..pinky promise!

The best way you can save the lives of others is to get your own because those of us who are born to lead just will not be satisified with mediocre living. Not following my ambition would be a slow, agonizing death of my soul and that’s just unacceptable. Is it this way for you too? .. I thought so. So if you really want to make an impact, help your family, and give to charity like you say then it’s time to turn off the remote and open the planner. #gettowork

I can’t promise a life of fairytales and roses because as I’m learning, the closer you are to a breakthrough the more ish hits the fan. However, what I can promise is that it will all be worth it in the end.


Until next time..

Stay blessed, bold, & beautiful!


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Features vs Benefits: Not knowing the difference is costing you money

 Features vs. Benefits (Not Knowing the Difference is Costing You Money)


If there’s one thing that confuses and frustrates new (and even seasoned) entrepreneurs  it’s the not-always-obvious features and benefits.

We want to share all the great things about our new program or product, so we say things like:

  • 6-week self-study course
  • Includes workbooks and live training
  • Members’ only discounts
  • Long lasting wear
  • Weight loss results

While these are all good points, they’re pretty vanilla and boring. That’s because they’re features, not benefits. They tell us about a program or product, but not WHY we should buy it.

Benefits, on the other hand, tell us the “so what” of features.

“6-week self-study course.” So what? Why should your reader care?

  • Because she’s busy and needs to work on her own schedule, not yours.
  • Because she’s already studied shorter, less comprehensive courses and needs more in-depth information.
  • Because she prefers to learn on her own, not in a group.

“Includes workbooks and live training.” So what? What are the benefits of workbooks and live training?

  • Your student can put what she learns into action with workbooks.
  • She can get her specific questions answered during live training.
  • She can work through complex issues with the help of the group.

As you can see, benefits go much further than simple attributes, such as length and format. They show your prospective client not only what’s in the program, but why the product is exactly right for her, at this specific moment in her life and career.

Features and benefits work together in sales as two halves of a whole, so you can use them like this:

“6-week self-study course so you can learn at your own pace, when it’s convenient for you.”

In fact, this powerful feature/benefit combo is often the basis for the bullet points you see in sales copy, and knowing this format makes them easy to write, too.

Now it’s your turn.. I want you to simply list all the features of your product, then for each one, ask yourself “Why?” Why should the reader care?

But don’t stop there. Dig deeper to uncover “the why behind the why” and you’ll soon be crafting truly irresistible sales offers that convert far better than you expect.

In the above example, the why behind the why might be, “so you don’t have to spend your family time on webinars that have been scheduled to benefit someone else.”

Now not only is your prospective client working at her own pace, but she’s also freeing up time to spend with her family. That’s a great benefit she won’t find with most courses. See? Easy peasy…

It’s easy to list all the features of your product or coaching program, but far more difficult to uncover the benefits that will drive sales. When you truly understand the difference though, it will become easier, and your sales will reflect the change in increased conversions and bank for you!

Until next time..

Remember to live by design not by default..


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Nobody Really Cares…

Hey gorgeous!

Listen whatever it is that you’re allowing to hold back your progress nobody actually gives a flying fig about it.. so that means you have to!

Nobody really cares if you're miserable so you might as well be happy

You are going to have to take responsibility to make your business what it can be. Don’t become part of the statistic that 8 out of 10 small business fail within the first 18 months. Either do the tasks needed for what you’re called to do or not.. but there’s no gray here.

It’s straight up black & white.

The reason no one cares is that those who are past you did so by stopping excuses. They still continue to deal with things as they come & show up anyway. These people therefore MUST be very intentional about who & what they allow in their personal space.

Those who haven’t reached where you are will not be able to understand either.. oh well

You are a leader. This means you NEED TO LEAD (including yourself) others to do what it takes starting from right ta now!





The only way your business & life will change is if YOU change.

Decide on what it will take for you to move forward & remember 80% of your success is your mindset. 20% is the training and skills you develop.

Your mindset dictates your actions.

Your actions dictate your results.

I’m not telling you this to preach to you or make you feel that people including myself are uncaring about your issues/struggles. I just know after going through the roller coaster cycles of life as an entrepreneur there is NEVER a time that is perfect.

In spite of that here’s what I do know…

You get what you expect.

You attract what you’re ready for.

What you focus on grows..

So it’s time to rip the band aid off girlfriend put the big girl panties on & lets get to work!

Live by design not by default. ❤️🙏🏾👊🏾

With ❤️ & 💄,


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