But I Don’t Want to Go There

Posted by Indira Pierrot on February 7, 2018 in Uncategorized


Hey gorgeous!

Have you ever had to move on when you really wanted to stay put?

Maybe you say you want something but when it arrives, fear comes rolling in trying to bust up the party?

Maybe you didn’t want to relocate..

Maybe you dreaded that first session with a coach or fitness trainer…

Maybe you didn’t want to break up…

You found yourself saying, “Please Lord! Don’t make me go there..”

I’ve felt that way before..

I never wanted to move to Orlando from NYC.

I never wanted to find a new career after being a stockbroker.

I DEFINITELY never wanted to be unmarried & childless in my 40’s.

And now here’s the real kicker…brace yourself..

I never wanted to be an entrepreneur..

(GASP! I know..the secret’s out try to be strong lol)

There were in my mind valid reasons why I never wanted these things.

There were MANY “God, are You sure about this? Did You get my file confused? This is Indira.. the rebellious, impatient, lover of stability… ”

If I didn’t move, change careers and reinvent myself, be a runaway bride, or become an entrepreneur though..

But then I wouldn’t have the life, friendships, and relationship I do now..

But then I would have to be a grown ass woman being told what to wear, and what holidays I can spend with my family..

But then I would have had to reduce my travel..

It’s been a bumpy ride but looking back over everything it’s truly been wonderful..

Sometimes God calls us away from something good so He can give us something new and BETTER.

Now my attitude is to embrace change without delay..

So my beautiful one if you have a “good job” or you’re comfortable that’s cool but I’m willing to bet your growth and success lie on the other side of change.

(I’ll be the chick waiting for you on that other side waving & jumping up and down like a crazy person FYI)

You’ve been called to…

Launch that business or program.

Pack that suitcase..

Let go of the things you are holding so tightly to.

Will you stop ignoring the call?

Until next time..

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