Stop Holding Yourself Back

stop holding yourself back

Hey beautiful!

Just a short note to remind you of a few things..

You were born for something BIG.

You’re here to make a difference in the world.

Stop allowing fear to hold you back!

When you get a handle on fear it’s then you can TRULY live the life you were made for.

You’re a leader.

You’re an entrepreneur.

Own that ish hun and I promise doing so will be a game changer!

Are you going to continue to settle for someone telling you how much you can make each year?

How many days you’re “allowed” to spend with your loved ones?

Or are you going to go after the life you dream of? I’m just wondering…

Make no mistake entrepreneurs are modern day ministers with the internet as our virtual pulpits. With everything going on in the world today it is critical for you to FOCUS. If you are called to be one then there IS a message inside of you and it’s high time it gets shared…

Someone is waiting on YOU to stop making excuses and take CONSISTENT ACTION.

Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart but I need you to FOCUS..

Focus on being the leader you know you’re called to be.

Focus on kicking your excuses & fears to the curb.

Focus on taking incremental steps of action towards your goals.

If you do this then everything else will take care of itself..pinky promise!

The best way you can save the lives of others is to get your own because those of us who are born to lead just will not be satisified with mediocre living. Not following my ambition would be a slow, agonizing death of my soul and that’s just unacceptable. Is it this way for you too? .. I thought so. So if you really want to make an impact, help your family, and give to charity like you say then it’s time to turn off the remote and open the planner. #gettowork

I can’t promise a life of fairytales and roses because as I’m learning, the closer you are to a breakthrough the more ish hits the fan. However, what I can promise is that it will all be worth it in the end.


Until next time..

Stay blessed, bold, & beautiful!


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Features vs Benefits: Not knowing the difference is costing you money

 Features vs. Benefits (Not Knowing the Difference is Costing You Money)


If there’s one thing that confuses and frustrates new (and even seasoned) entrepreneurs  it’s the not-always-obvious features and benefits.

We want to share all the great things about our new program or product, so we say things like:

  • 6-week self-study course
  • Includes workbooks and live training
  • Members’ only discounts
  • Long lasting wear
  • Weight loss results

While these are all good points, they’re pretty vanilla and boring. That’s because they’re features, not benefits. They tell us about a program or product, but not WHY we should buy it.

Benefits, on the other hand, tell us the “so what” of features.

“6-week self-study course.” So what? Why should your reader care?

  • Because she’s busy and needs to work on her own schedule, not yours.
  • Because she’s already studied shorter, less comprehensive courses and needs more in-depth information.
  • Because she prefers to learn on her own, not in a group.

“Includes workbooks and live training.” So what? What are the benefits of workbooks and live training?

  • Your student can put what she learns into action with workbooks.
  • She can get her specific questions answered during live training.
  • She can work through complex issues with the help of the group.

As you can see, benefits go much further than simple attributes, such as length and format. They show your prospective client not only what’s in the program, but why the product is exactly right for her, at this specific moment in her life and career.

Features and benefits work together in sales as two halves of a whole, so you can use them like this:

“6-week self-study course so you can learn at your own pace, when it’s convenient for you.”

In fact, this powerful feature/benefit combo is often the basis for the bullet points you see in sales copy, and knowing this format makes them easy to write, too.

Now it’s your turn.. I want you to simply list all the features of your product, then for each one, ask yourself “Why?” Why should the reader care?

But don’t stop there. Dig deeper to uncover “the why behind the why” and you’ll soon be crafting truly irresistible sales offers that convert far better than you expect.

In the above example, the why behind the why might be, “so you don’t have to spend your family time on webinars that have been scheduled to benefit someone else.”

Now not only is your prospective client working at her own pace, but she’s also freeing up time to spend with her family. That’s a great benefit she won’t find with most courses. See? Easy peasy…

It’s easy to list all the features of your product or coaching program, but far more difficult to uncover the benefits that will drive sales. When you truly understand the difference though, it will become easier, and your sales will reflect the change in increased conversions and bank for you!

Until next time..

Remember to live by design not by default..


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How To Get The Sale Without Having To Beg For It..

Hey Beauty,

How well do you know your potential clients?


Chances are you’ve done at least one sample client avatar worksheet before (why the heck is it called that btw? sheesh!)  You wrote down her business, her age, her income and education levels. You know where she lives and how many kids she has and what her biggest dreams are.

But do you really know what drives her? Do you really know what is keeping her up at night? Do you? 

We’re not talking about just what she wants (if we are keeping it 100 we ALL want more money and free time) but more importantly, you need to know what her biggest pain points are. Figure this out, and you’ll not only be able to better create programs to help her, but your messaging and thus your sales will dramatically improve as well.

Think about it—if you’re uncomfortable with technology, and once in a DIY mood you destroyed your website during a simple update, website management becomes a huge pain point for you. Or you find the creating of a website much less the design very overwhelming and it has remained a stumbling block in you starting your business. Now imagine you find a VA who not only works with WordPress but does simple yet elegant design, who calmly shares examples of how she’s rescued client websites after such disasters.

She’s clearly addressed your biggest pain point, and you’re sold! You will feel that in finding your prayers are answered right?

The same is true for your ideal client. Show her you can help her avoid those pain points—or better yet, eliminate them completely—and you’ll forge an instant bond. It will not be necessary to beg & plead over sales. Sales will become the NATURAL next step.

Now you may already have a good idea what causes your ideal client pain, but if not, you have plenty of ways to find out.

  • Talk to her. What do she most often ask or complain about?
  • Listen in on forums, on social media, and other places your audience hangs out. What are they struggling with?
  • Major publication surveys. These can be a rich source of information in any market. Pay special attention to the words and phrases readers use to describe their troubles.
  • Keep an eye on your competition. What pain points are they addressing?
  • What was your biggest pain point when you were in her place?

Once you’ve uncovered your ideal clients’ biggest pain points, you’ll have a powerful tool that you can use not only in your presentations but all of your messaging. Best of all it will also help define your programs and service offerings.

If you can help your ideal client overcome the most painful issues he/she faces—whether it’s a lack of self-confidence or a fear of public speaking,  dissatisfied with makeup application at local counters—you’ll instantly become a more valuable resource to her.

And when you incorporate those same pain points in your presentations, sales copy,  and messaging your conversions will dramatically increase as well!

Until next time..

Live by design not by default


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Nobody Really Cares…

Hey gorgeous!

Listen whatever it is that you’re allowing to hold back your progress nobody actually gives a flying fig about it.. so that means you have to!

Nobody really cares if you're miserable so you might as well be happy

You are going to have to take responsibility to make your business what it can be. Don’t become part of the statistic that 8 out of 10 small business fail within the first 18 months. Either do the tasks needed for what you’re called to do or not.. but there’s no gray here.

It’s straight up black & white.

The reason no one cares is that those who are past you did so by stopping excuses. They still continue to deal with things as they come & show up anyway. These people therefore MUST be very intentional about who & what they allow in their personal space.

Those who haven’t reached where you are will not be able to understand either.. oh well

You are a leader. This means you NEED TO LEAD (including yourself) others to do what it takes starting from right ta now!





The only way your business & life will change is if YOU change.

Decide on what it will take for you to move forward & remember 80% of your success is your mindset. 20% is the training and skills you develop.

Your mindset dictates your actions.

Your actions dictate your results.

I’m not telling you this to preach to you or make you feel that people including myself are uncaring about your issues/struggles. I just know after going through the roller coaster cycles of life as an entrepreneur there is NEVER a time that is perfect.

In spite of that here’s what I do know…

You get what you expect.

You attract what you’re ready for.

What you focus on grows..

So it’s time to rip the band aid off girlfriend put the big girl panties on & lets get to work!

Live by design not by default. ❤️🙏🏾👊🏾

With ❤️ & 💄,


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You Have The Same 24 Hours As Beyonce

Many times you will hear people complaining of being tired. Even if you’re getting the amount of sleep you should get. If that’ s you the “perpetually tired” chick then that is a sign of being in resistance.

Consider resistance like this.. it’s a measurement of difficulty. The more resistant something is the harder it is to do or to accomplish. So when your life is “resistant” meaning you are not walking in your purpose, it is difficult to just exist. Make sense?

same 24 hrs as beyonce

“You have the same 24 hours in a day as Beyonce.”

The statement on the image above was one of 2016 most popular memes. There are mugs and t-shirts with the phrase as well. Beyonce love her or hate her you gotta respect the hustle.

The woman has a discipline & focus to get things done. Mere mortals like us are wondering how in the world does she get so much done?

And if you think it is because she is rich I disagree because she was not always that way and still had a grueling schedule of practice and rehearsals as a child and teen.. She is NOT in resistance pure & simple.

Now I stayed in resistance for a LONG TIME it was all I could do keep my eyes open. It took all my energy to put on fake smiles for patients and their families at the hospital and do my work each day.. Fast forward to today most of my friends are like “Dude when do you sleep?” … Total energy shift! I am so excited most days I’m like a child and have to force myself to go to bed lol!

So here are 3 things you can do to have make a big energy shift in your life as well..

*Find your purpose– Living with no purpose is so draining. Knowing what you are called to do and going after it creates your “why” and gives you energy. When you aren’t walking in your purpose it’s like running up a hill with heavy luggage on your back.. you will ALWAYS be tired.

*Dump energy vampires– These are the relationships/friendships that drain you. There is a reason one of Beyonce’s besties is Serena Williams. Someone who is an energetical match for you will help you succeed much faster and replenish where others who aren’t will drain you. Cut them loose.

Yes it will be sad.

Yes it will hurt.

But so does remaining stuck. So the homegirl who is always calling to complain & gossip let her go. The man who never appreciates you & doesn’t treat you well.. let him get to stepping. PROTECT YOUR PEACE!  Conserve your energy! 

Don’t allow energy vampires to bleed you dry. Most of the time because they don’t know their purpose yet, they make it their unstated mission to take you off yours. #byefelicia #byefelipe Let them go!

And if you’re in a situation where you can’t part ways decide to make yourself UNAVAILABLE to argue or entertain conversation with no purpose. Attention is a form of currency so stop paying it to those who don’t deserve it. Eventually they will get the point & find another source of supply for their ego requirements.

*Learn which opportunities are best for you-At any given moment we are flooded with opportunities to do things. How do you know which one is right? Someone recently sent me a meme saying that fear is temporary but regret is forever.

I call BS on that because regret is for those who can’t make decisions or change course by quitting before a breakthrough. I regret nothing in my life!

Every heart ache, heart break, & lesson made me who I am today and for that I am grateful not in regret…

There will always be obstacles to overcome for ANY opportunity with the potential for great reward. So that is how you choose the right one for yourself.

Look at the obstacles, problems, issues involved & if the reward is greater than the cost then it is worth it to go through them. If not then let it pass.

Sometimes resistance is due to being lazy & comfortable for so long that it will make you give up on things and people too early so be careful! 

Energy management is so important as an entrepreneur it truly effects your revenue because if you come in with half ass effort you will get half ass results..

Your audience can also pick up when you are in resistance because something just feels “off” and remember you attract what you are so if you are in resistance you will attract resistant clients, partners, friends, etc.. So please make sure to tidy up these energy leaks because we have work to do!

Live by design not by default..


P.S. One of the things Beyonce is a beast at is presentations. Anything she does is an experience. That is because she presents well. I am doing a FREE 5 day#PerfectPresenter challenge starting Feb 6th where we will create your next sales presentation for your product or service so it sells with ease not sleaze. Sign up here

Why I Became An Entrepreneur (And Maybe You Should Too)

Hey, beautiful!

After working as a stockbroker, network marketer, a makeup artist & over a decade as a nurse I am the LAST person who expected to become an entrepreneur.  I always expected to graduate from some kind of graduate school as a doctor of something (may still happen) &  retirement would come after many hard years of loyal work somewhere.  How did full-time entrepreneurship become an absolute do or die for me?


Well because my work experiences & my beliefs about success pointed me in that direction. Let me share with you my top 10 beliefs about success & you will see that running a business may become the only option for you too.

1. We are where we are due to our choices.

This means we get to be who & what we want. Most employers encourage dependence on them while entrepreneurs encourage independence and creativity.

2. Tomorrow is not promised.

Life is NOW. Heavy focus on either the past or the future is only going to keep you unhappy and anxious. Employers foster a focus on future retirement & benefits. Entrepreneurs focus on creating freedom RIGHT TA NOW!

3.  Our circumstances are a reflection of what we are doing.

If things aren’t working or feeling good, employment encourages putting these issues aside in order to get the job done. Entrepreneurs, however, focus on daily personal and spiritual development. This way you can “coach” yourself to figure out and resolve whatever the problem is. This skill alone creates transformation in virtually every area of life.

4. Gratitude is a prerequisite for success.

Life is a gift that if you’re not careful with will pass you by. The more grateful you are, the more you’re able to receive even more things to continue being grateful for! If your criteria for success isn’t based solely on money then I can honestly say, I have yet to meet a successful entrepreneur who is ungrateful.

5. Goals should stretch you.

You must go all out. The accomplishment of stretch goals can’t happen with half-ass attempts. #sorrynotsorry Employment at times encourages stagnation. As a nurse, I’ve had quarterly reviews from people who have never even met me in person! Talk about feeling like what you do actually doesn’t matter.. sheesh

6. Everything starts with belief.

You create your own reality. Your beliefs dictate your actions. Your actions create your outcome. If things aren’t aligning the way you like, take a long hard look at your mindset & beliefs. When working with clients who struggle with sales if they are taking action daily & still not seeing results nearly 100% of the time mindset & beliefs are to blame.

7. What you make a MUST can either help or hurt you.

Emotional attachment to a vision is great but detaching from outcomes is even better. If not you become the person giving off a desperate vibe that repels away the very things you desire. You can make certain actions/activities a must but the outcome of those activities is up to God, not you. The sooner you understand that the more resilient & consistent you will be.

8. Success isn’t for the weak or lazy. 

If sitting on a couch daily binging on TV & food, while living for one weekend to the next means living to you then honey becoming a CEO/owner of a business is NOT for you. You will constantly be called on to get stronger, better, & faster every day that your eyelids pop open & you’re breathing. Just saying…

9. Successful people are called to share a message with the world by the way they live. 

People will look up to you as an authority & leader. They are going to look to you for help overcoming fears, strategies to excel in whatever your area of expertise is. They are going to want to know your opinions on things as well. Some will not like what you have to say but like I tell my clients “If you don’t have haters you not popping!” How you continue to share your message in spite of them & other obstacles will be an encouragement to someone else who hasn’t reached as far as you.

10. What you speak about you bring about. 

There is literally the power of life & death in the tongue. Stop complaining. View the words “I AM” as a powerful mantra for whatever you wish to receive. So in my case I make a serious effort to eliminate the following phrases from my vocabulary; “I’m tired.” “I’m broke.” “I’m sick.” “I’m dead.”  Now, this doesn’t mean you will never feel these things but speaking on them doesn’t change your feelings at the moment so why bother right? Exactly…

Every single one of these beliefs has in some way, shape, or form impacted the amount of money I make as both an employee & entrepreneur. The only difference is as an entrepreneur sales & growing relationships are the lifeblood of my business. As an employee.. hmm.. not so much. So there wasn’t really the same amount of motivation to change. So for me, the choice to go full speed into business was a no-brainer.

What about you? What are your beliefs about success? Comment below and let me know!

Until next time…



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The Year of No Chill

Hey, beautiful!

So I’ve officially dubbed 2016 the year the “no chill” button was pressed. First, Prince died. My heart broke into a million purple pieces.


Then my good friend Daphne lost her nephew Jason in the Pulse club shooting. I attended the wake and it was.., (sigh) let’s not even go there.

Then, less than 2 months later just when I thought I could start to catch my breath, I actually went through some crazy twist of fate and social media ended up on the live stream of Philando Castile’s girlfriend…LIVE! OH EM GEE!  Legit that experience gave me PTSD for a minute…Just typing this post & reflecting on that night just gave me the shivers.

Hurricane Matthew and his disrespectful self-ravaged Haiti…

Trump got elected…


I had to help one of my best friends bury her father the day before Christmas Eve…

George Michael…

Carrie Fisher…

Debbie Reynolds (a day after Carrie Fisher died)…

Man, 2016 was not playing around with people AT ALL!

So, what pray tell is the lesson a #girlboss needs to take from all of these tragic events?

Well, every year there is always some cute catchy phrase that becomes trendy and one of the popular phrases of this year was “get your life”. This may be the one time you can actually take slang literally.

 If it’s anything 2016 should’ve taught you it is to ” get your life” for real! 

Stop buying into your excuses & get clear on what you desire to have in your biz & life. Go after them with a VENGEANCE! In other words GET.YOUR.LIFE.

For me, my business expanded like gangbusters. I got to travel to Vegas, Atlanta, & British Columbia and met some great friends and mentors. I got myself a new boo, enrolled at the University of Central Florida to get a degree in psychology. I got my life girlfriend!

The other download I got from this year was exactly how powerful we are as co-creators using our words & thoughts. Prince discussed elevators trying to bring you down and make you crazy in his song “Let’s Go Crazy” and his body was found in an elevator… hmmm

One of George Michael’s most famous songs was ” Last Christmas” and he died on December 25th so literally his last Christmas. 

Let that sit for a sec… 

Another trendy phrase this year was that whenever something was found to be really funny was to say “I’m dead” .. well dear one that phrase has been eliminated from Indira Michelle’s vocabulary with all haste. So what exactly have you been speaking to yourself that you need to give cease & desist orders to? 

Now before you have to be separated from sharp objects & placed on anti-depressants due to this post, you already know I would never take you down the memory lane of the hot mess called 2016 without something to help you IMMEDIATELY in your life & biz if you implement it. So don’t go towards the light. stay with me okay? 🙂

Yes, this year had a lot of sad events for most of us (some more than others) but the silver lining is we attract what we are ready for..So in 2017  I want you to 

  1. Get clarity on EXACTLY what it is you desire to be, do, & have. “Get your life” and go after them.
  2. Stop making new year resolutions & create goals/intentions instead. 
  3. Speak positively over yourself & loved ones. Don’t get caught up in drama. It’s time to get VISIBLE & COMMITTED. 
  4. It’s time to move from dreaming to done. Be about execution not excuses. 
  5. Most importantly I’ve dubbed 2017 to be the year of the QUANTUM LEAP so if you are going to make them with me fellow woman entrepreneur then it’s time to get serious about acquiring leads, making sales, & creating repeat buyers for your offers. 

Enough is enough! So that’s your mission if you choose to accept it and may the force be with you…( had to throw that in for Princess Leia! I couldn’t resist!)

Until next time.



P.S. I have a challenge that I am working on to help you create presentations that sell without you having to give up your first born in order to make money. So make sure you stay tuned! If you have anything specifically you want me to cover in the challenge; comment below and let me know.  #quantumleaptime you in or nah?


Big Sales Hack With Just A Pen & Paper



Real talk.. being an entrepreneur one of the most sobering realizations you will come to is, that your business is a reflection of everything that is going on with you. When you are an employee you don’t control the outcome of the company, unless you’re at an executive level. Starting a business is the total & complete opposite. Who you are as a person affects your business with every breath: 

Every year

Every  month

Every week 

Every day 

Every hour 

Every minute 

Every second 

If you’ve been following me for some time, you know I always talk about how your inner game must match your outer game in order to make lasting progress. Make no mistake turmoil, negativity, & drama affect your sales & therefore your revenue. Choosing to live with purpose, acceptance, and in alignment, makes you a force to be reckoned with & sales mastery is then guaranteed. 

This year, I also got serious about strengthening who I am as a woman & then taking that strength to fulfill my calling in creating a business that I am head over heels in love with. When I first started in business I got caught up in all the fancy marketing hype & felt that if I wasn’t doing the “recommended” things then I wouldn’t attract clients.

The devil is a liar…

Yes, selling is mega important in order to make the transition from expensive hobby owner to entrepreneur but equally as important, if not more so is your mindset.

When is the last time you bought from someone who lacked confidence & authority not only in themselves but their services? 

Right.. I’m guessing that’s a big fat never. 

So I am going to share with you a powerful exercise that will get you on the path to the freedom you want for yourself so listen up! What you resist persists so instead of continuing to let fears, limiting beliefs, & all the old ish that you’ve told yourself about your ability to sell & make money in your business run the show, how about we send them packing instead?

I refuse to let you carry them into the new year. Let’s do this! 

  1. Make a list of EXACTLY what you’re most afraid of when it comes to being visible & selling in your business.
  2. Next, write down WHY you’re afraid of the things you listed.
  3. Take the list & create affirmations that are the exact OPPOSITE of those fears  starting with the words ” In the past, I thought _____ but now I am ____.”
  4. Lastly take a few minutes to imagine yourself with the attributes you just created in your affirmation.
  5. *Repeat steps 3 & 4 DAILY* 

This practice is just as important to you making ads, posting on social media, writing blogs, and doing presentations so don’t skip it! 

Until next time.

Live your life by design not by default.


P.S. Please feel free to comment below & share those fears and new affirmations with me! I would love to read them.

Why December Can Still Be Your Best Month

Hey gorgeous!

So I have been on calls with fellow lady bosses and hearing & seeing (in FB groups) things like “I’m taking December off. Ads will be too expensive etc.” Or “I’m just going to start over fresh in 2017 since I didn’t reach my goal this year.” Well, what in the ham sandwich is going on here?

Do NOT fall back in December! Don’t just shut down or disappear because it is a busier time of year to get attention.


Can you call your job and say hey listen I am just going to opt out of working this month because the traffic is too much? That would be a big fat no…

Can you tell them since my quarterly review wasn’t that great this quarter how about I just not work until next month?

If these statements sound like crazy talk to you, then you understand why I am  shocked to hear these things coming out of the mouths of entrepreneurs. Lord have mercy!

This is the time to get focused! If you treat your business like a hobby that is how it will pay you.. like a hobby. If you want to get paid like a business then you must show up and treat it like a business. Because here’s the deal most things in business are created through momentum. What you do now will be the results you will most likely yield 90 days from now.

If your December sucks there is a pretty high chance that in September you may not have been laser focused on income producing activities. This is why you can’t slack off in December because in February/March you will be reaping the results of that choice while the rest of us who decided to work will be making deposits. 

Now if I say I am the woman entrepreneurs B.F.F. (beauty & freedom finder) then take this wet noodle spanking as some tough love, not a judgment because I want to see you succeed. Excuses are nothing more than well-planned lies. It’s time to stop looking for reasons why not & instead look at why. There are people who are looking for transformation and opportunities 24/7 365 days a year.

Success comes to quick action takers. Being on the fence will keep you broke and/or miserable so DECIDE TO COMMIT. If you aim at nothing you will surely hit it!

So I hope this little “pep talk” helped you get your head back in the game. Please comment and let me know what action you will be taking this month.

Until next time.



P.S. In 2017 I will only work with 5 1:1 clients at a time and no more so that I can create space & time to start launching digital products and courses. So if you want a coach who is truly invested in your results and not lining her pockets then schedule a call to see if you would like to get one of the spots.

When You Assume…

Hey Beautiful!

If you are here with me in the USA, I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving! So I’m sure you know the phrase “When you assume you make an @$$ out of you.” And I have to say based on what I’m hearing on potential client calls and receiving in my inbox there’s a bunch of assumptions happening. And that’s just no bueno!


I have learned so much by just building relationships that this holiday season let me share with you some things I’m committed to changing and if you feel inspired then by all means join me.

1. Appreciate your existing customers.

Before you flooded them with Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers, did you THANK THEM for being your client or part of your community?

If the answer is no, then that may be something to take action on right away. It costs 10x more money to gain a new client then to keep an old one. Just sayin…

Go the extra mile. Send some thank you cards. Create a training only for them. Sky is the limit but you get the idea.

When people feel appreciated they remain loyal. That’s the best sales situation you can get right there!

2. Stop selling people on your dreams and sell them on theirs.

If you are a business coach for example don’t just assume your audience wants a business solely for money. People go into business for other reasons. Maybe it’s to prove others wrong. Maybe it’s for a way to connect with other like minded people. Usually money is the by product when the actual need is freedom.

If you don’t know what your clients or community need then ask them thought provoking questions about where they plan to be in the next 12 months for example. Bottom line…find out what specifically they want to know about a topic and create content that addresses those exact things.

3. Be an encouraging part of their life and don’t lord over them.

Leave condemnation and complaining behind and embrace your calling to show up consistently as a leader who cares more than the average.

So that’s what I’m committed to doing this holiday season and for the rest of my life as an entrepreneur actually. You joining me?

Until next time…



P.S: Thank you for being a valued part of my business and reading this far! Take action TODAY and let me know what your results are.