Assignments vs Ant hills

Posted by Indira Pierrot on October 21, 2017 in Business

Hey lovely,

The other night one of my besties treated me a to a belated bday dinner at Kobe’s Japanese Steakhouse. As per usual any event that includes either makeup or food and I’m bursting with excitement..

Now at these type of restaurants everyone sits at the table together and we watch the chef prepare our food as part of the entertainment. Beside us, was a young lady, her son, and her dad. They were celebrating his birthday also.

As we are waiting on our chef to come, she turns to her father and starts telling him about her friend who is really making a name for herself in some type of business opportunity. Since your girl is low key nosey I perk my ears to listen…

She proceeds to tell her father that her friend is doing great with it but she will not join it because she “sucks at sales”. She tells her dad, ” I suck so bad that you could be itching in front of me and if I’m selling itch cream you still wouldn’t buy.”

Y’all I nearly passed out the table!

If it wasn’t for my bestie incessant need to livestream every moment of life I probably would have. Pray for her please lol! I am this close to snagging her password.. sigh..

I consider that to be an “ant hill”. Something small, yet deeply rooted. It can be ignored but if you choose to entangle yourself in it then it may become painful.

Limiting beliefs and negative talk like that most certainly are small ant hills.

Here is a woman and a mom who would let the fear of selling stop her from the opportunity to get increased wealth and stability for her family.. Man oh man!

Not to mention we all have God given assignments that involve our natural abilities and talents.

I assure you if you can’t sell that assignment will be delayed. 

Job interviews you had to sell yourself.

Dating you had to sell yourself.

Marriage the proposer had to sell himself/herself in order to get a yes.

Athletes have to sell themselves..

Hospitals and schools send recruiters out daily to sell their services..

Changing religions/faith an idea was sold that you bought into..

I hope you catch my drift here…

It’s time to kick any fears you have about selling to the curb. Those are ant hills and it’s time to be about your assignment.

Until next time…

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