In 2016 .. while working as a pediatric nurse I called my parents to check on them, and my life was forever changed.
On that fateful September day, I called home and heard my father sobbing uncontrollably as he tried to explain to me that a priest had just left my home after giving my mom her Last Rites. 
My mother has Alzheimer’s and somehow she decided in a lucid moment, that she was too much of a burden on my family & I, and so she needed to die. 
I had my father put her on the phone, where she began telling me that I was a good daughter & that it was time to let her go. I asked her if she could hold on until tommorow & she said she would try but she couldn’t promise. 
Immediately, leaving work I raced home like a NASCAR driver, praying & begging God to please give me more time with her. 

I promised to stop procrastinating & BS’ing and get serious about my business. 

So that if this very horrible, no good terrible day repeated itself I would not be asking permission to go home. Nah I’m not about that life anymore…
Thankfully my prayer was answered and I was given more time. 
I got coaching and started implementing like a mofo.
Out of the chaos of that situation, emerged the new me. 

The one who stopped looking at entrepreneurship as simply a tax write off from my “real” job but as an escape plan into the purpose and freedom that is as critical to my life as water… 

indira double photo


I work with women entrepreneurs who are looking to escape as well but haven’t quite mastered how to turn their dreams into a viable business.

A business that generates revenue on repeat.

I am the proud owner of a thriving coaching practice helping women to #gettheirlife by learning how to sell in a way that is elegant, aligned, and authentic.

Why have I been dubbed the “sales slayer” you ask? 

Because I’ve  mastered sales as…

  • A former telemarketer who made $30-50 an hour on 100% commission.
  • A stockbroker who brought her firm 7 figures in new assets every 90 days in her twenties.
  • A network marketer/direct sales consultant who often made in a 1:1 appointment what others made in a group setting.
  • An assistant coach and Director of Business Development for one of the top women's empowerment companies for millenial women entrepreneurs

You can’t truly serve unless you can sell.

I became a coach as my personal form of activism because as women aren’t supposed to “break the rules” and have these empires of ours are we?

If you’re anything like me then people’s perception of can’t is nothing more than a green light for me and so here we are friend… 

You’re a fit to work with me if you understand:

1. This isn’t Scandal. I’m not Olivia Pope. Work is required to get you where you desire.
2. You’re ready to be about it not just talk.
3. You KNOW God has an amazing purpose for your life and you’re ready to walk in it.

Cool? Alrighty then…

Other important facts about me are ..

I’m a lover of Jesus, makeup, and bacon (in that order) who watches Game of Thrones with my eyes closed through half of the episodes. (They believe in leaving NOTHING to the imagination apparently)

Check out my digital home on the interwebs or over on Facebook and get to know me better. I have the feeling this is the start of something beautiful.. 🙂