5 Beliefs That Will Lift Your Spirits As An Entrepreneur

Posted by Indira Pierrot on June 21, 2018 in Business

Hey Lovely,

In full transparency, I have been going through some things but instead of letting it get me down I’ve used the situation to really work on my mindset. Here are 5 beliefs that have truly snatched me out of overwhelm, comparison, and defeat:

  1. You can have the kind of life you want.  Everything is a choice. If you don’t like the way something feels or is then change it. Have your moment to experience the grief, anger, disappointment etc. but don’t stay there too long. Get back up and keep going! You’re not too old or young. It’s not too late. You absolutely can have the life you want.
  2. Selling is service. If you what you’re creating makes transformation for someone else then you MUST get over whatever the setbacks are in order to serve your tribe. So don’t let fear of sales make you shy to announce your offers or to even start your business. Sales are the lifeblood of your business.
  3. You are meant to help specific people. It doesn’t matter how many people are out there doing what you do. NOBODY can do it exactly like you. No point in comparing your beginning to someone else’s middle. Most of these “overnight” success stories have been YEARS in the making. #realtalk
  4. It’s always awkward before it’s elegant. Everyone has to start somewhere. Done is better than perfect. As you learn and do , you will refine and get better. Procrastination and perfectionism only delay your growth. Let them go! Your ideal client is not expecting you to have it all together but rather that your advice works. That’s it!
  5. You are special. Being an entrepreneur means we are a different breed. We don’t march to the beat of the same drum as everybody else. Therefore sometimes family and friends just won’t understand. It’s alright. Stop expecting them too. Just understand that you’re special and this is  non negotiable.

Now that I dab my eyes from this little pep talk I just gave us both lol! Remember to keep going ma. Your labor will not be in vain. The only way for you not to succeed is if you give up. So DECIDE that you won’t got it? Alrighty then…

Until next time


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