Discover how to create a marketing story that is addictive as Netflix for every & any kind of presentation. One that is so juicy it primes your audience to buy before you even get to the sales part of your message using "The Hero's Journey."


"If you are not good at selling, you're not good at making a difference." -Kat Loterzo

  • As a former telemarketer who made $30-50 an hour on 100% commission. 
  • A stockbroker who brought her firm 7 figures in new assets every 90 days in her twenties. 
  • A network marketer/direct sales consultant who often made in a 1:1 appointment what others made in a group setting trust me when I tell you I know how to sell.

Apparently, I'm also a bit psychic because I know you're ready to move from hobbyist to graceful hustler. You've decided to start your own business either selling someone else's products or your own. You absolutely know it's possible to go from hot mess to success.

You see all the success stories & feel like if others can do it then why can't you? But unfortunately the "If you build it they will come" strategy only works in the Field of Dreams movie, not in real life. So that line of people you were expecting to buy from you didn't happen once you got a website.

When you sit down to figure out what went wrong, you wonder why nothing is happening when you are doing everything the so called "gurus" told you to do. They believe in "hope marketing" which is nothing more than telling you to post on social media and in facebook groups, blog, run ads, talk to your circle of friends & family in the "hope they will buy" and that doesn't work either so (insert cricket chirping) when you look at your Paypal balance it's a sad state of affairs.

This happened to you because of two words: Internal Objections. 

Four internal objections that occur during your presentation not during your sales pitch. 

Whether you know it or not, before your client reaches the sales page their mind is already decided on whether they will buy or not, according to how you address the four internal objections in your pre sale content & presentation.

Use the Hero's Journey to create addictive marketing stories.

These 4 questions go through a person's mind before they make the decision to purchase from you:

  • Why should I listen to you?
  • Is it simple?
  • Will this work?
  • Can I do it?


If you ignore these questions until the end of your presentation then it WILL cost you...Literally!

Instead, if you address these concerns with memorable messing and storytelling while you are teaching something of value at the same time, and you will create anticipation from them as opposed to anxiety for you. 

Anticipation creates bank. 

Don't believe me? Black Friday and iPhone releases are all I'm gonna say on that...


and let me walk you through the steps in just a few minutes that will be the next game changer in how you sell.

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